My fashionistas, here are few pics taken at the Illamasqua flagship store in Beak Street London , ILLAMASQUA first came into market in 2008 and now one of leading designer cosmetic brands worldwide.

I have to tell you that i am a Mac cosmetics slave, i have more MAC products on my dressing table than any other brand, but as i know everyone has at least 1/2 things best in them, so i do keep my eyes open and use products from Illamasqua, Dior, Chanel etc and have very unique and specific make-up items from them in my collection.

My first exposure to Illamasqua came with a story i have to share with you all. I was at the selfridges London one evening, wanting to visit MAC store there and this time i wanted to buy a matt finishing very jett black liquid eye liner, which MAC don’t do usually, the one MAC does is a bit shiny( i have that too) and i do not find it appropriate to use it during the day in summer especially at work or if i’m visiting a country like India, Bangladesh, Greece etc where it gets really hot in summer. So not finding at MAC what i was looking for, i headed to Dior showroom, when i explained exactly what i was looking for, this make-up artist gentleman from Dior referred me to Illamasqua store in Selfridges London. I was indifferent and went there, talked to the only lady make-up aritist present there and i tell you she was a genius sales(wo)man and a perfect make-up artist who knows how to make you feel ”yes thats what i want to buy NOW”! I came back home with a happy jett black matt liquid eyeliner. Since then i use their peach blush on and transparent mascara as well.

About 2 months ago i had this appointment booked that i was gifted to me in one of the fashion event i attended recently by Stylistpick and i thought 13th March would be the perfect day to avail the complimentary session i have received as it’s my anniversary 🙂 So i went there after work and they have completely made me walk out with a big happy blue (not the sad one) smile on my eyes and face:)

I was asked what i was wearing for that night before the make-up artist starts her charishma on my face. This is a must! When you do your make-up at home, first ask yourself where you are going and what you are wearing. Your make-up adventure will be depending on these two things primarily.Then she gave me two different colour palette to choose as per my answer to her first question. So i was going to wear a saree(an indian outfit) with black sequins and silver grey water polka dot prints, she had given me options between blue and peach/ purple and pink. I went ahead with the electric blue-peach combination because orange-peach is the colour of the season. I think peachy orange looks great on my lips and blue is a colour i use so often on my eyes, i have different shades of blue eye shadows from MAC and l’oreal in my collection. So i thought blue eyes would create that dreamy effect with my black-silver grey saree. So she started off and the rest is a history with smoothing color playing for 1.5 hours with lots of brushes in different sizes and shapes, from lighter shades to the darkest one.

I have been a fan of Illamasqua in the past and after this complimentary transformation session , i became a fan for lifetime as they rightly claim ”unleash your alter ego”! I did. Do you fancy to do so?


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