My fashionistas, I have been using Clinique since I’m 15. Every time they come up with a new product in the market, I make an attempt to try on, not that I like all but this new wonder product is surely one to collect, if not more. This Super-nourishing balm is loaded with mango and shea butters. Just what dry, delicate lips need to feel comfortably soft and smooth. Sixteen natural-looking lip tints in all, each with a subtle sheen.

I went for shopping yesterday like most weekends and one thing I had in my mind is to get one new shade from the new range of Chubbystick shades that they launched in this summer. What a collection! They have one for each one of us, for every types of skintone and feature. I had literally tried all 16 shades and then picked the Mega Melon pour moi. I have a fashionista friend who uses the Chunky Cherry and she looks absolutely gorgeous in that bright pinkish lip balm as she has those smooth, milky white arabian skin tone. I picked the one that I would like to see myself wearing almost all the time. Yes, you heard me- all the time! This is my 3-in-1 collection as it can be used as lip balm, as lipstick and as lip gloss. Yes, that’s right! It has the perfect moisture to prevent your lips from getting dried, it has the perfect shade to colour your lips and it is just rightly glossy to give a shine to your petals. I have taken this photo of my lips(wearing Mega Melon) with my iphone and just when i woke up this morning, washed my face and applied this-no make-up, no base, just plain application of Chubbystick Mega Melon (notice i’m still in my sleeping tank top). Isn’t it wonder product?!

Try it, pick the one that suits your face and skintone and enjoy the chubbyness(not literally);)!!!


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