My fashionistas, don’t be surprised! Yes. This is a fashionista look. A black & white striped pencil skirt and a basic sweater is officially a Look.

I love days like yesterday, when I get to experience rain, sun and chilly wind in one afternoon, so I decide to dress up to confuse;) Instead of trying to flog trends you and I both do no one any favours, like some dirty pusher of peplums and platforms, I thought to wear this apple green basic sweater with V-neck (my favourite) from Zara to beat the cold wind and team it up with this black & white striped pencil skirt ( Primark) to let the sun kiss my feet. I can’t think of wearing a pencil skirt with a pair of flat shoes. Done with high heeled pumps and court shoes, so thought to dig in the shoe closet to bring out some oldies and I found this metallic grey strappy stillettos that I bought from Pantaloons on my last visit to India. My hand bag is picked from a weekend flea market in Wembley, London . I love the large white flower as bag:) I assume they are from Thailand. I have this Hermès patterned silk scarf that I don’t even know where I picked up from which has very ambigious print all over and match with my sweater. It is nothing new to any of you that there are thousands of ways to tie a scarf, I thought this side-single-knot would be appropriate because in this way the V-neck would be seen clearly and the wind will do the needful to fly the pieces left open…just to add a bit of glamour you see;)

In the middle of this unpredictable English summer, when the rain has taken over completely, the cold wind has hugged us tight and sun is gradually fading off, it’s time to try new colors on your nails to match with clothes. Here is my this weekend’s nail art experiment I did myself–very easy peasy. You may try this with colours of your choice. They are by Barry M, available in Boots. I’m sure you can find them anywhere in your respective cities and countries. I just wanted to share with you all:)

The only accessories I have worn with this look is this pair of hair clips from Accessorize. I didn’t want to go with much make-up on a cloudy, rainy, partly sunny confusing day, so I drew my eye-line with my minted crayon kohl pencil from Mac and blend both the upper and lower line with a blending brush, finishing touch was a dash of pink-peach lip gloss from Bodyshop. So, this is how created a look that I donned today on my weekend exploration at one of the vintage markets-Portobello Road, in London.

I have shared here another option of accessories to mix and match that goes with this skirt and sweater. Try it, if you like it. I like to hear what you think at the comment section:)


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