My fashionistas, have you done anything interesting to remember over this weekend? I did. I went to see the Olympic torch relay today in Bricklane/ Spitafields market area in London , So, I thought to share the casual day-out Look I donned today.

I have worn an old poncho in crochet which I bought from Primark some about 3 years ago. I love crochet and broderie anglaise work. This broad deep neck of the poncho is simply stylish as it gives you the scope to wear a sexy halter neck inside, I wore a black one from Nike and team it up with my Zara black skinny tights. I have worn my tricolour vamp shoe with heel from Zara and carried my scarlet red bin bag from the same brand. My snake look alike bracelet is a piece I collected from nowhere but Spitafields 1 market itself. I didn’t have the time to wash my hair this morning, so I wore a head band to cover up the slightly oilyness of my hair;) This leopard print hair band is from Claire’s.A pair of smokey eyes and a dash of lip gloss just added to the casual day-out look:)

Once the torch relay is over, I decided to roam around in the area and browse through few shops and stalls at the vintage Spitafields1 market. I had a friend who lives just right round the corner, knowing me he took me to this AWESOMEST independent vintage boutique called Dolly Dare. I was speechless. I was dumbfounded. I was in a fashion heaven. Their collection is unique, they are simple yet complex to carry off. They are retro and perfect to add the drama.Well… the shoe collection there is over the top, girly and very hot to trot. As a confirmed shoe addict I love the way their collections are displayed, yes for me it is like being in a sweet shop!

Although the blog is about fashion and only fashion but I am sharing a photo of the torch bearer with you all who do not live in London and still following Olympics 2012.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Try the look and the store about which I had to say so much, if you like it, share it with me, remember, I like to hear what you have to say!!!


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