My fashionistas, it’s high time I share with you all about another latest trend of this season- Mullet Hem. Yes, we are trending some ”crazy” fashion in this summer. They are also called high-low trend since they are short from the front and long at the back. I have donned a mullet hem skirt in my recent trip to USA. High-street stores are flooded with them at the moment. They can be worn both centre and side-ways.This trend reminds me of the V-cut hair style in the early 90’s. Embrace the silliness of this trend in this season. I did. Here is a preview of the mullet hem Look I donned.

It was 4th July, the Independence Day of USA. I had gone out with a bunch of delegates whom I met at the conference I was attending in Philadelphia. So, I am sharing a photo with you all which was taken at the Liberty Bell in the Liberty hall in Philly.

My mullet hem skirt is from Forever21, I simply loved this girly fuschia pink, the skirt is very dramatic pleated one with an attached slick pink belt. My bustier is from Primark, I have them in all possible colours. I thought to team up the purple one with this fuschia pink skirt. I didn’t want the shoulder to be completely naked, so I added a bit of glamour by tying a long scarf around my neck, in the same shade as the bustier. I am an official addict of animal/leopard prints. I love this soft, fine piece of animal print scarf from my humongous collection. Since it was an evening out on the 4th July that warns miles of walking around the city, so instead of wearing a heel, I had to go for a stylish ballerina in two tones. This pair of pretty pump I picked from an independent store in Wembley high street. Very comfy for my feet and for my pocket:)

For an evening Look, I went for loud eye make-up and matched my eye shadows with my dress, as you all know by now that most of my eye shadows are from Mac and here is no exception. My accessory is a long beaded neck piece which i have worn as a bracelet. I had to tie my hair into a top bun as it was one of the hottest day in this summer in USA. Hair UP means tattoos can be shown too;)

I will share the Look of how to sport a Mullet hem centre wise, soon-ish!

Try a Mullet hem in this season if you like the trend, share with me how you did it on our Facebook page. Drop me a line in the comment section, I like to hear what you have to say:)


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