My fashionistas, I felt guilty for not blogging in the last 3 weeks but as I promised earlier that I will be back with lots of new Looks that I had donned in my holiday and  during my stay at summer school. So, here I found myself blogging immediately the next day of my arrival in my city- London and do I just tell you the Avatar I’m in now;)-  my Pjs, Lush garlic face mask on and  homemade hair oil all over my hair on this sunday morning while I talk to you through this post:)


I wanted to name this Look ”Black desert rose”…I don’t know why?! The first word uttered from my mouth when I saw these pics is ”Desert rose”-probably because it reminds me of that song by Sting but then I thought to add the word Black  for obvious reason. This is how I looked on my birthday, well this was the evening Look, although you can see sun shining on me, that’s because the sun sets late  during summer in Europe. I was on the Blue Marlin beach Ibiza for the whole day (notice my ,mocha skin tone). That is the disadvantage of having a brown skin, we end up getting burnt when exposed under strong sun of the Mediterranean. Then I returned to my hotel room and got ready for the Dinner. I have talked about ”maximum utilization” of your wardrobe when on holiday. And by that I mean ‘Mix n Match’ your wardrobe and repeat them with different accessories and clothes. I have done the same. I wore a 7 years old net skirt in high-low pattern and team it up with a black bustier from Primark.

This skirt was a present from my then BF who sent it from London to Delhi where I was studying my Masters. I even wore a 7 years old strappy sandal that I picked up from Rajouri Garden market in Delhi, India after I saw a friend of mine wearing the brown colour of the same pair. The only new item of this Look is the neckpiece that I bought from the advanced collection of H&M just before leaving for holiday. I heart this type of accessories. It is posh, it is gaudy and it is classy. I like my evening Look to be classy always, it just goes so well with the atmosphere of the restaurants you will dine in or even if you are hitting a night club. Also, when I talk about utilizing your accessories to the fullest, I also mean my make-up kit. Due to weight restrictions in the Aircraft, I tend to carry only the basic minimum make-up items when I’m travelling. I have used only one eye-pencil to create this eye-do, trust me! This is my STAR eye-pencil from Mac– Minted eye-kohl. I love it to the fullest. I lined both the upper and lower eyeline and then blend it with my blending brush no. 213 from Mac. My lipstick is also one of my favourite from Bobby Brown– orange. I am wearing a sea-green nail paint by H&M. Your meal is not completed without a salad, similarly, this Look would have been lifeless without my boat-shape beaded clutch from Dilli haat, India.

As I was on the beach earlier, my hair was very dry and untidy, thanks to the wind. So, when I returned to the hotel, I hardly had time to wash them once again, so, I thought to make a side-bun that goes so well with the evening Look and took a drop of my partner’s hair-gel  that was kept in the washroom and mix it with few drops of water and surface-touched all over my hair. Voila! You never know when a man’s thing can be handy;) What it does?! It sets the hair perfectly especially if you have too many small, newly grown hair in the front like me. It will give that sun tanned skin a bit of touch of sensuality and matt finishing.

Just so that you all know, all these photos are taken while roaming around the old town in Ibiza before sitting down in a terrace restaurant for a candle-night dinner on my birthday this year (on 9th September) that is facing mountain in one side and Mediterranean sea on the other side. I do not photoshop my photos, I do not thread my eye-brows either. If you like this Look, drop me a line at the comment section, I like to hear what you have to say. I also would like to hear if you ever create a Look with your very old wardrobe that you have almost dumped  and never plan to wear again just like I did in this Look:)


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I wish I could take photographs of yours…………. great looking Di


May be some day:)


perfect blend of beauty & bold !


nice…………….but expectation more….))))))

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