My fashionistas,  how many of you like earth colour? If you do, how would you wear it? What colours you would add to accentuate the Look?  


These are the questions I asked on our FB page few days ago. I had been thinking of donnning an unusual colour especially when I am an ardent fan of colours and love to block it every now and then. I thought of earth colour and how can I forget its’ never ending connection with the colour -gold. While browsing through clothes at Forever 21 one day, I found this HI-LO off-shoulder summer dress. It’s kind of someone have read your mind and capture the imagination to the fullest. I was visualizing something like this for some time and then I found this in a high street store. It has 3 most important pattern in it that I love always-1. Hi-Low pattern, 2. colour  and 3. Halter neck. Halter necks are perfect for people who have broad shoulder plate. I thought it is a bit risky to don a colour like this on a skin tone like me which almost blends with the dress. I don’t like to play safe. You got to be bold in your experiments with clothes that suit your persona and sensibility. I was highly convinced that this will be a perfect day-wear while on summer holidays. The first thing I bought when in Spain was, a red flower hair clip that you spot on Flamenco danseuse. I  wanted to rent the traditional costume and  have a photo-shoot in them but I had not found a single shop where they rent the costume of those traditional Flamenco dancers. You could buy them but why waste money on a one day and done costume. So, I picked only a flower. And instantly I knew I will wear with this earth colour hi-Low dress as it throws the needed colour pop to the look. I liked  how my dress blended with the colour of the sand on the beach. A perfect marriage!

Wearing  it with a donut bun was perfect as it was a very hot day and since my hair is not very short, this way I could keep it neat and comfy. How can you make a donut bun? Buy one of these  and follow the easy steps shown in the photo and tuck the excess hair with bobby pins et VOILA! 

I have to be honest with you, I actually think about every single detailing of a Look, I can envisage which jewellery will go with which outfit when I conceptualize a Look. I just knew that my wooden and gold bangles from Primark will do full justice to this Dress. I just added one more big chunky bangle(made of shell) with my wooden and golden ones to give it some more punch. I kept nude make-up for a nude earthy Look. I am wearing the same pair of strappy beaded sandals that you saw me wearing in the previous post. I just thought because of the high-low pattern of the dress, the straps of the sandals can be shown very prominently, which it did!

What Was I Wearing?

Dress: Forever 21/

sunglasses: Rayban

Hair accessories: Souvenir shops in Seville , Spain

Jewellery: Primark

Shoes: Stiletos in India

Make-up: Mac cosmetics




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