My fashionistas, for those who don’t know, Harem pants are also called Aladdin pants, genie pants or diaper pants(the diaper part, I really am not sure why, I’m guessing it’s because it’s baggy around the hip. It originated from India…..I have a good solid collections of them, in all shapes and patterns. Here are some basic patterns of harem pants(sketch) for you all to see. I am showing you here how I wore the half-classic harem pant that one of my friend sent me from New Delhi, India last year. The reason I call it half-clasic is because it is not overtly flowing and especially when I have two full-classic ones, so I can very well figure out the difference.

And yes,

”I love colors, yes I do!

Red and orange and green and blue!

I love colors, dark or bright,

Yellow, purple, black, and white!”

Take a look how I gathered all the colours of rainbow and many more into this summer day-out look. When I thought of donning this striped hot pink harem pant, I thought of incorporating a colour like lime-yellow in it, so I picked this off-shoulder bustier from the Sale section of Primark, yes, you heard me right, SALE and Primark;)! Yes, yes, raise your eye-brows and laugh at me;)! But I did! And it’s for a pound, literally! I then went onto adding another budget fashionista ingredient to this Look-my necpiece,another wonder buy from Primark just for a quid again. I love all the colours in it, don’t you? I told you, I do visualize a look and then add pieces of accessories to it. This neckpiece was just meant to be worn with this bustier. My bangles are made of thread, I bought dozens of them from Dilli Haat, New Delhi India, Dilli Haat is my most fave place to shop for artsy and craftsy stuff in India. I always end up collecting unique pieces from there. I was told my harem pant is bought from another street shoppers paradise in New delhi-a place called ”janpath”(meaning ”people’s street”). I thank my friend for having almost similar pair of eyes- I have to be honest with you, I’m fussy, I don’t like what most people wear, I don’t wear anything of anyone’s choice, I don’t accept gifts from family members as most of the time when someone buys something for me, I don’t like:( I know it’s a bit extreme and I am mean, but I can’t help it;) But my friend knows me so well-she had sent four harem pants and all of them are fab. A jhola or a oversized baggy bag is the ultimate bag that compliments this look, so I carried this tribal print oversized bag from Primark that has this bohemian touch and the reason I chose this bag is for that rainbow tassel. This is so India! My juti/ moojri is another things i didn’t buy myself. I had a friend who visited me in London some time ago and once she asked me what can she bring from Delhi, India, I asked for a oversized mirror work jhola (bag), she then offered me to buy a pair of shoes knowing my obsession for shoes, I instantly said YES! And this is the result of my YES:) This multi-coloured thread work flat pair is a very traditional shoes available widely in India. I can’t tell you how comfortable they are! Walked in miles in this pair while sight-seeing in Seville , Spain.

I have tried a make-up focusing on the colour purple-my eye shadows are from Mac – I have blended two gorgeous shades- Parfait Amour (frost) and shock-a-holic and kept it very romantic for a day-out Look. Just add a dash of Lychee luxe gloss to your rose petals. C’est tout!

Except that pink is not a colour of the rainbow, I would dedicate this post to the ”lucky seven” of the colour family, although I’ve never been sure that I can distinguish Indigo from Violet in the rainbow or in a spectrum from a prism.

Try a harem pant and add lots of colours to compliment it to brighten up your summer days, if you do, send me a photo, I would be glad to share it on our facebook page, do not forget to drop me a line at the comment section, remember, I like to hear what you have to say.

N.B. All photos are taken in the district of santa cruz and real alcazar in Seville, Spain.


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