My fashionistas, I wore this black maxi dress with a sultry twist during my holiday in Barcelona – a sheer textured skirt. The beautiful velvety textured baroque flocking this amazing bustier dress features flattering bodice, high defined waist and sweeping maxi length skirt. I team up this black dress with a pair of flat sandals, statement tribal neck piece, beaded arm band and a milkmaid braid.

Maxi Dress & Braided Hair

How to do a milkmaid braided hair-do? A perfect braid hairstyle is an art. In the first step, divide the hair into three sections. The braiding should continue until you have touched the expected length of hair. In the next step make sure that the tension made between the braid is spread equally. If you have long hair, then you can try for different types braid hairstyle. Starting from simple to exotic appearance, braid hairstyles can offer you a lot more than your expectations. Finally, place them on each other over the head and in the centre and secure them with bobby pins.

Renowned hair stylists say that a good hairstyle can change your appearance a lot. So, I tried to create a different look with this braid bridge. I call it a bridge because two braids placed on each other in the centre of your head that kind of looking like a bridge.

Maxi Dress & Braided HairMaxi Dress & Braided HairMaxi Dress & Braided HairMaxi Dress & Braided Hair

There are more than dozen types of braid hairstyles available that can arrest the attention of the onlookers very easily. One of the interesting aspects of braid styles is that it is suitable to women of every age and can be made by women whose length of the hair is just up to chin. Braids hairstyles are popular because of various reasons. This style gave me a clean ad tidy look and helped to manage the hair very easily as it never falls on face which is what I needed in humid Summer of Spain.

Maxi Dress & Braided HairMaxi Dress & Braided Hair

Maxi Dress & Braided Hair Maxi Dress & Braided HairMaxi Dress & Braided Hair

Top tip: Wear a black maxi dress with colours such as orange, golden, off whites and you see the difference it brings into your personality. It is all about being inspired and get creative in using your existing collection/wardrobe- I wore one toe ring in the toe and one in my finger.

Maxi Dress & Braided HairMaxi Dress & Braided HairMaxi Dress & Braided HairMaxi Dress & Braided HairMaxi Dress & Braided Hair

If you try a sheer maxi dress with a braided hair-do, drop me a line at the comment section, I like to hear what you have to say.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

What I was Wearing?

Primark Sheer Maxi Dress

Tribal Neckpiece from a Designer Friend’s Collection in Delhi

Accessorize Armband (basically a Bracelet which I wore like this)

Barry M Nailpaint

Illamasqua Lipstick

Vintage Sunglasses from a garage sale in NYC

Salt & Pepper Sandals

Forever21 Bangles

Primark Shoulder Bag

Toe rings from a Seaside flea Market in Malaga, Spain.


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