My fashionistas, people like me do not use a bag, a hair brush or even a mere tooth pick as one of the means to get my life easier but also as a sense of fashion. Yes, my tooth pick also look fashionable-they are multi colored and made of soft plastic, not hard wood;) If you don’t believe me, be my guest and see for yourself;) Jokes apart, yes, there are people who buy wallets not only because of practicality but also to gain some sort of elegance. Buying high-end designer wallets will not only give you high quality but may also give you prestige…at least look-wise, you will surely give out a strong impression of your personality and style, I reckon. So when my last wallet which was a high-street pick from Jane Norman died in my hand last month, I knew I want a wallet this time that defines the present me-me in spring 2013. So, I finished work on a Thursday with a happy mind that was looking forward to the long weekend Easter Holiday and headed straight to the New Bond Street, Mayfair, I chose to remain a loyal to the brand-Michael Kors, so I entered into their showroom located on the most luxurious retail street of London .. I have always loved their collection of watches and hand bags, not to mention their ‘‘the best’’ customer service which is rare in this part of the world I live in now. These days whatever I buy is a result of lot of desk research, so I knew exactly what I wanted, what color i wanted, how they feature would be according to my need and usage.

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Your wallets also say a lot about you, if it is too fatty with all the restaurant bills and unimportant visiting cards, you are a messy lad or ladette. I am shamelessly blowing my own trumpet and saying it loud that I’m very a organized and neat person. It is important to keep a wallet that fulfills your need, spacious and the one that fits your cards and cash and some necessary store cards and visiting cards. It is always useful to keep a coin pouch separately if you use cash often. This MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Continental Wallet just fits the bill. They are available in plenty of fresh, orthodox and springy colors. I gave my signal to the Green, keeping the season in mind and also for my forever love for this hue. The golden zip and the encrafted logo of the designer just blends so well with the saffiano leather finish as if all my need is packed in one pouch.

Although it doesn’t matter what wallet you actually use as long as you are comfortable with it. I will be donning this beauty for quite some time and hopefully earn enough to do justice to it;) Please don’t forget to share what you think, remember I like to hear to what you have to say.

Stay tuned, stay stunned!


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