My fashionistas, hope you all had a great weekend! I spent a Sun-day (literally) walking down the hippiest street of London - Bricklane, clicking pictures of street arts, chatting with a friend in a In-house cafe, luncheon at a curry house and a visit to an art gallery. But the most important part of my day was photoshooting a friend who is the centre of attraction for this post.

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I am befriended with people of different age group, ethnic background, race and religion as long as I connect with them, nothing else matters. Mark has just celebrated his 50th birthday last month and you judge by yourself what a gem of a person he is-full of life, vibrance and enthusiasm. He is also one of the few people I know, who has an inherent sense of style. Contrary to the popular belief that people in London wear boring colors-mostly black and grey throughout the year, I have always found Mark experimenting with colors and never hesitate to don a pink, or yellow or a tangerine Polo shirt unlike other men. I want to take this opportunity to thank Mark for accepting my proposal to pose for OneTimeFashionista. Know Mark and his style here:

Name: Mark Bickerton

Occupation: International Director, London Metropolitan University, UK

What was the last thing you bought? A pair of white trouser and a yellow Polo T-shirt from Shoppers Stop in india.

What would you be never caught wearing? Jeans. I have never owned a pair of Jeans in my life, they don’t suit me and Sandals-they look too casual.

What’s the most prominent color in your wardrobe? Navy blue. Professionally I wear a suit everyday, I believe with navy blue suit you can never go wrong.

Which website you visit daily to garner some tips or updates on fashion? I look at other peoples photos on Facebook and ideas. I don’t follow any particular one, I sometimes look at high fashion magazines not because I want to follow them but to get some ideas. I walk down to the streets of Bricklane and Spitafields often and that’s where I get inspiration and ideas from.

If you could go anywhere in the world now where would you go? Buenos Aires, Argentina

What’s your Fashion motto? Simplicity. I try to look stylish than fashionable. I like to wear clothes that are associated with a memory or people. It brings back memories.

What are you wearing? Linen Shirt from Shoppers Stop, linen suit from Austin Reed in Covent Garden, Shoes from Marks and Spencer (I don’t like to spend too much on designer shoes), Belt is a present, Glasses from Emporio Armani. Gold ring.

Now a days I buy most of my clothes from India, it became a habit. when I’m at home in London, I am a bit less interested in clothes shopping, I like Spitafields market for one off things. When I am in India, it’s cheaper to buy clothes of same international standards. It also brings back memories, I am not interested in high-end designer clothes, 10 years ago I bought a Jasper Conran suit from Selfridges, it fitted well but I can’t wear them at work everyday, I like waist coats, especially in Winter, it gives a splash of colors.




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The model in this piece is rather fetching! Good choice and interesting article!





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