My fashionistas, so, I have an itching impulse to share my recent favorites from my never-ending Shopagasm (Shopping+ Orgasm= Shopagasm. Yes, a term coined by moi, exclusively!) experience. As a matter of fact, I don’t even mind being my own secret Santa;) You hear me right! On a couple of occasions, I bought things on my own and wrapped it and left it under the tree on my name:) Thinking about shopping in this party season, all you need is to own a starstruck outfit and to compliment it a piece or two of statement jewelry.

New buys:

1. Red Maxi Dress: H&M

2. Gamchha print necklace from Jatra, Bangladesh

3. Tribal necklace made from wooden beads and snail shell from Jatra, Bangladesh

New buys: Maxi dress + Tribal necklaces

I saw this red maxi dress online and instantly knew how useful it can be! This can be my outfit of the season- from black-tie dinner to day time city excursion, from red carpet event (not really! as I don’t want to look like the carpet;) to Christmas dinner (already over, I know!) or NYE party.

Red Satin Maxi Dress from H&M
Red Satin Maxi Dress from H&M

How will I style this? O’right! Wait, very soon, I’ll spill the beans with pictures:)

I’m a sucker for tribal styled jewelry-be it brass, beaded, wooden or silver. But who would have thought a tribal styled neckpiece made from Gamchha (Bengali check-designed washcloth)-fabric which is hand-woven and natural.
IMG_9848Gamchha is a traditional towel made up of thin coarse cotton fabric. It is originated from Bengali language. Although it is normally used for drying one’s body after bathing, Gamchha serves other purposes also. It is often seen on men who are engaged in physical labour, like porters, construction workers and farmers, carrying a Gamchha on their shoulders.

Tribal necklace made of Gamcha fabric and wooden beads

This fabric hit the runway and, is made famous worldwide by none other than international model turned fashion designer Bibi Russell. “Colours are part of Bengali life. They are our richness”, says Bibi Russell, proudly. The bright colors in a traditional Gamchha have made many designers across the world experiment with this fabric. Shirts, trousers, palazzo pants, scarves, stole, pocket square and now, jewelry -are the few fashion accessories made from Gamchha. I thank Anusheh, who is the founder and creative head of Jatra, for coming out with this unique thought of using a very traditional and yet so under-rated fabric like Gamchha to make trendy and chic jewelleries. They give me a bohemian feeling and I can envisage myself wearing them with my gypsy skirts, harem pants, palazzo pants, floral kurtis, cotton salwar kameez and even with traditional cotton sarees with wide Zari border.

Jatra, Bangladesh

I find red & green combination loud and gaudy until I saw this matt red and pale green wooden beaded necklace with snail shells. I found this piece of jewellery so pretty and artsy that I thought it looks better as a decoration piece, especially on the red rug in my living room:)

Handmade tribal necklace from Jatra, Bangladesh

Handmade tribal necklace from Jatra, Bangladesh
Jatra tribal necklace made of wooden beads and snail shells

Top tip: Never shop from one place. Look around, explore the options available, shop around for the best deal and choose the right ones for you, even if that requires to travel from London to Bangladesh or vice-versa, just like I did:)

So, what do you think about my new buys? Drop me a line at the comment section as I like to hear what you have to say:)


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