My fashionistas, legends say, ‘’the classic beige trenchcoat from Burberry is the investment of a lifetime’’. Those of us live our fashionista dream through high-street bargains, we can easily locate a replica Burberry Mac or trenchcoat’s various versions all over the place, both screen accurate replicas with all the buttons, flaps, and zippers in the right place. A classic trenchcoat or mac is a wardrobe must-have for that strange between seasons when the sun is still shining but a chill in the air is slowly starting to fade away the summer holiday mood. It doesn’t end there. Come rainy season, a 3/4 length waterproof cotton “mac” (in a neutral color) may be the perfect coat.

A trenchcoat or mac- every woman's wardrobe basics

Yes, the humble mac is here to stay for all seasons and cosily found its place as your transitional style saviour! As I’m sure, you probably heard or know that London ’s weather is quite unpredictable. Rain or shine, a double breasted trench coat or a mac in your wardrobe will always earn you some fashionista points. Lightweight and weatherproof, it’s the perfect staple to see you through summer, rainy season, spring, autumn as well as right through to winter.

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How incredible it is to own a mac as it works with just about any outfit for just about any occasion– especially the one with a removeable wool/cashmere/satin lining for colder months.

So go on, get yourself a nice structured trench coat or a mac (if not already) and oh yes, you can thank me later! If you like it, drop me a line at the comment section as I like to hear what you have to say:)

Top tip: Nothing really! Try it with anything and everything- tights, white denim, LBD, warm weather leather and also try with rolled sleeves:)


1. Zara beige trenchcoat or Mac

2. UGG boots

3. Bardo leopard print scarf

3. Accessorize wollen mittens

4. H&M black tights

5. Handbag is from Sunday market in Wembley, London

6. Primark leopard print beanie hat


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oh dear..sorry if my comment made you feel confused..actually i meant to say you are a true guide for us. Of course in positive way:)..



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