My fashionistas, this weekend I decided to blog for the fashionista gentlemen. It’s been a while, right? So, I snatched away the camera from my homemade photographer’s hand and enjoyed a Sunny -Spring-Saturday from this side of the lens. I’m told that the average men don’t pay much attention to what they wear. If you are one of them and think you only need clothes to go to work, then give me 3 minutes and read this post.

Nailing your work style- Monday to Friday

For most men, it’s a case of dressing appropriately at work rather than making a fashion statement but if you stick with certain rules that will make all the difference- it’s virtually impossible for anyone not to look great. Just so you know a man in formal wear is a big turn-on for me;) Thanks to reel-life characters like James Bond and Don Draper (of Mad Men) 😉 Here are your 5 head-to-toe steps to getting your business-suit groove on from manic-Monday to fun-Friday.

When was the last time somebody rolled into your office looking this flawless? When was the last time somebody rolled into your office looking this flawless?

1. Go Bright-and-Bold with your shirt-and-tie combos. Liven up your grumpy work place with confidence-in a tie that simply boost energy and passion-wear red tie on pink shirt or sunshine yellow tie on sky blue shirt. Show them why it is almost no-no to pair their dark shirts with dark ties.

Nailing your work style- Monday to Friday

2. Silk ties are suitable for all seasons. Try pair it with a striped shirt towards a suited look.

Nailing your work style- Monday to Friday

3. Get in the best-dressed zone with collar accessory. You don’t have to throw all your point-collar shirts out of your wardrobe and donate them to charity…but you might consider it;)

Nailing your work style- Monday to Friday

4. Professional men with backpack look like boys. Carry it during day-trips or when on budget holidays. But a look this polished calls for a briefcase or satchel. It sends the message that you’re a professional, with serious business to attend to on the fly—not just a man carrying gym shoes.

Nailing your work style- Monday to Friday

5. When you rest your hand on the meeting table, using hand gestures during those presentations, the focus is on your watch. Make a statement with a massive dial-metallic or leather strap-both works!


Top tip: Don’t ignore your socks. Stripes, neutrals or argyle-all will give you springy steps. Mix and match, if you dare! Take two different pairs of neutral colored socks and color-block it. This works, trust me!

Coffee to cocktail Look on casual Friday Coffee to cocktail Look on casual Friday

You can do so much more for your offfice style- try pocket square with the suited look on full-on-formal-Monday, a waist coat on striped shirts on semi-formal-Thursdays or slim-ties on casual-Fridays. Most importantly, wear confidence! Roll back your shoulders. Straighten your spine. Chin up. Walk with grace. Your suit commands respect. So should the way you carry yourself.

The model is a senior project manager in a MNC based in London who also happens to be the homemade photographer of OneTimeFashionista.

Model’s wardrobe:

T.M. Lewin White shirt with collar pin

Next black slim-fit suit

Grey normal-fit Raymond suit

Zara Black slim-fit shirt

Blackberrys pink shirt

Blackberrys blue shirt

Jeff Banks White and Purple striped shirt and Purple tie set

His Dad’s red tie

Wooden tie from Wooden Ties

Bespoke green Ray-ban sunnies

Fossil brown sunnies

Aldo shoes

Zara satchel

Next black/ brown belts

Jeff Banks tie-pin



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