Double-Duty: Transition Summer Pieces into Winter
Double-Duty: Transition Summer Pieces into Winter

Double-duty: A Vintage Skirt Double-duty: A Vintage Skirt Double-duty: A Vintage Skirt Double-duty: A Vintage Skirt Double-duty: A Vintage Skirt Double-duty: A Vintage Skirt


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IMG_0874IMG_0884IMG_0860IMG_0868IMG_0848dupIMG_0886IMG_0929IMG_1030My fashionistas, some people choose to dress entirely in vintage clothing, while others including me try to tie in vintage elements with modern fashions. Fashionistas have been resurrecting styles from previous decades for many years by incorporating vintage skirts and other clothing into their wardrobes. Some fashions from past decades died as quickly as they arose, but others are timeless classics that can be blended into modern styles and trends. Just like this skirt!

This floral print vintage skirt with frills and a belt scores even higher as it is that transition Spring piece going into Summer or even into Winter. So, I had worn this in winter with black turtle neck and tights and instead of packing them away I found few simple styling tricks to sport this favorite wardrobe classic into Spring-Summer (or from casual to office-friendly…or day to night!)

It doesn’t get easier than this! Make this classic floral vintage skirts winter-ready with the addition of opaque tights. As you see in these pictures, I wore it nearly identical in three different seasons; Winter, Spring and Summer, with the exception of my warmth-adding hosiery, changing hair-styles and pairing with different accessories.

I have styled it for hot temperatures with a plain black tank top and a classic black workwear bag and layered on a waterfall waist-coat. Teaming this Summer look with a red polka dot wedges is one-step summer dressing, but requires a little something extra for Spring. So, added a matching round shaped messenger bag to it.

A goes-with-everything floral vintage skirt is not just for summery strolls. I have worn mine for weekend luxury shopping trip to Bicester village, but I also took a similar style to a Spring holiday in Amsterdam and with an addition to a turtle neck jumper I took it to an evening charity event organized by BAAF in Winter.

Top tip: Best place to shop for vintage Skirts- You can find vintage clothes in thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales in your city. As the popularity for vintage clothing has increased, finding great deals in these locations has become increasingly harder. There might be a smaller selection or the prices might be higher. While you can still find some good bargains in these locations, you’ll find a wider selection of vintage skirts online too.

Stay tuned, stay stunned!


Vintage Skirts from London Flea Market

Black Tank Top by H&M- Bought from a Garment Shop in Ananya Shopping Complex, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Waterfall Waist-coat from BB Mall, KL, Malyasia

Primark Wedges

Gold chains from Manik Chand Jewellers Kolkata, India

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch with Diamonte

Beaded ring from Debenhams London


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woah, the photos look simply amazing! & of course, your outfit also ^_^


Thank you:)

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