My fashionistas, I was yearning to share this post with you as it was definitely one of my favorite shoots yet, not only because of the picturesque backdrop or the amount of joy I had visiting this place but mostly because of this Lemon clutch by Monki from their IT collection of clutch in this season.


Monki Clutch X Lavender Lush X Sun Worshipping Sunflowers

Monki Clutch X Lavender Lush X Sun Worshipping Sunflowers

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A delightfully dramatic way to spend a Sunday dancing through a bed of Lavenders and Sunflowers. A must to-do during my summer weekends is either going to a place I’ve never been or having an experience I’ve never had. Sometime ago, I came across a beautiful landscape photo of a lavender field which was simply breathtaking. Shooting there for a post on the blog was one ticked off the wish-list. There are plenty Lavender farms in the UK…not only that, Hitchin Lavender farm was a mere an hour drive from where I live in London. And I knew exactly what look I’d be shooting here. No other colors but white looked more picture perfect against a stunning backdrop like this. It brings along the neutrality and don’t overshadow the brightness of Lavenders and Sunflower yellow. I envisaged myself standing on a bed of Lavenders and Sunflowers holiding my fruit-fix AKA this lemon clutch, I knew instantly that I’ve to find a white summer dress with a touch of vintage and preferably, in linen.

This stunning white linen summer dress from Mango is absolutely perfect for so many occasions.. be it a day at the races, a summer day out or an evening do. I love the draw strings on the waist that cinches you in, creating the illusion of a well-rounded derriere and gives you the right amount of definition needed for a loose-fit dress.

The pastel and combination of colors is stunning to look at, so I wanted to keep accessorizing to a minimum. I tied an elegant skilk scarf which I had bought from traders market in the east end on a day out shopping with my bestie Janja and put my hair up into a vintage fold-up creating an illusion of a faux-fringe with the tail end of my moderately long hair. Of course I curled them first.

This Mango white dress and this Monki lemon clutch are two pods in a pea, right? To give them a pleasantly pretty company, I accessorized with teeny tiny gold and diamond rings and white gladiator heels. A pearl eartop and round-shaped sunglasses complete this Marylin Monroe-esque look.

I really can’t thank enough my beautographer for taking these photos for this shoot and spending a gorgeous day with me in the sleepy English countrysides, dining out in a village pub, filling up a basket full of lavender fudge, lavender face scrub, lavender bath chocolates and lavender oils from the Lavender shop in the farm…thanks for the laughs Babu (that’s what we call each other):)

Top tip: If you are planning to visit a Lavender and Sunflower farm this summer, make sure you carry a scissors as the owners let you pick a few and carry home for free:)

Hope you like this look and the photos as much as I do.

Until the next post! Stay tuned, stay stunned!


Mango Dress

Monki Clutch

Urban Outfitters Sunglasses

Gold chain and Diamond rings from Manik Chand Jewellers Kolkata, India

Marks and Spencer Gladiator Sandals

Silk Scarf from Spitafields Market London

Pearl eartop from Claire’s










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