We just returned two days ago from our maiden voyage in South America. Still struggling with the jet lag but fresh with the memories. Good time that the experiences are shared with you now while it remains fresh and straight from the oven. So read on while we unfold our experience in weekly episodes to you. Starting with the Argentine capital Buenos Aires as that is what we had first in our itinerary. It is recommended that you start your exploration of Buenos Aires with the colourful neighbourhood of La Boca since this is where the early Italian settlers also started their new life on the Argentine soil. The other reason to visit this place first would be to tick this box of a typical tourist destination off your list, so that you can focus on more off-beat locations with more time and attention.

Counting The Colours In La Boca Counting The Colours In La Boca Counting the colours in La Boca Soccer is the other reason La Boca, Argentina is famous among South Americans – the local Boca Juniors club is considered to the best in Argentina. Soccer is the other reason La Boca, Argentina is famous among South Americans – the local Boca Juniors club is considered to the best in Argentina.

argentina_999_247Soccer is the other reason La Boca, Argentina is famous among South Americans – the local Boca Juniors club is considered to the best in Argentina. argentina_999_260Taxis are widely available in the Argentine capital. So get one and head towards the southern side where the neighbourhood is located. Good idea will be to collect a city map from your hotel, La Boca neighbourhood will be on the left hand side when you hold the map with both hands. You will realise that you have arrived there at the very sights of the multi-coloured houses from a distance. The moment you will put foot you may be approached by enthusiastic male and female Tango dancers who are keen to strike a pose or two with you to take a photograph and ofcourse which means you have to make a payment. If it fancies you then go ahead, otherwise steer clear – I didn’t. Start the walk through the Caminito, plenty of photo opportunities will unfurl in front of you, so go shutter happy. Ask anyone ‘Donde esta la Bombonera?’ to make your way to the Boca Juniors football stadium. You will see the reflection of fanfare and fanaticism as you approach the much celebrated stadium as many walls and houses are coloured in the team’s yellow and navy blue. Don’t forget that the legend Maradona also played for this club, but Messi didn’t. There are a few graffitis around the stadium of the football magicians so feel free to strike a pose or two.

argentina_999_228 Random strangers braving the chilly wind Open air cafes and restaurants in La Boca argentina_999_207 Trees in La Boca area are dressed up in rainbow colors

argentina_999_189 argentina_999_203 argentina_999_205 argentina_999_215 argentina_999_222 argentina_999_263 argentina_999_266 argentina_999_267 argentina_999_264 argentina_999_278


argentina_999_627 There is nothing like waving the Argentine flag on Argentine soil wearing an Argentine number 10 jersey !

argentina_999_431 argentina_999_432 argentina_999_434 argentina_999_437 argentina_999_453 argentina_999_465 argentina_999_458 argentina_999_470 argentina_999_497 argentina_999_512 argentina_999_539 argentina_999_559 argentina_999_564argentina_999_587argentina_999_580argentina_999_579argentina_999_475argentina_999_570argentina_999_608argentina_999_601


Top Tips:

  • Feel free to wander around, get lost only if you are in a group of atleast two. Maximum time needed to explore La Boca and La Bombonera: 3 hours.
  • Know some Spanish, preferably Argentine Spanish
  • Refrain from buying from the shopping centers there, either they are fake or pricey
  • There are a handful of restaurants, eat only if you are starving, the city has plenty of good eateries elsewhere. Some restaurants also offer Tango dances while lunch/dinner – avoid as there are better options elsewhere.
  • Look for the wall murals of the Argentine stars (football, politicians, movies) and the brighly coloured houses for taking photos

Stay tuned, stay stunned!

Counting The Colours In La Boca Under La Boca sun, crunching on churros con chocolate in an open air cafe argentina_999_526 Churros con chocolate argentina_999_532 Message on the sweetener sachet- ”Don’t be what you don’t want to be”.


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Feels like i am reading a travel book..Nice photos and i am fan of your writings..


Thank you! Glad you liked it!


Nice travel story! Slightly off topic but would appreciate if you could tell me where did u get your that black leather jacket from? Look nice and expensive…. thinking of getting one for my BF 🙂 Cheers!


Hi Ryka, glad you liked the travel story. The leather jacket is from Zara UK. Get one and send us the picture with your BF inside it 🙂

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