My fashionistas, I adore weddings and consider it a great occassion for dressing up. It’s a joy to see a bride looking radiant and relaxed on the happiest day of her life and thrilling to see the photographs afterwards and see that she looked as good as she felt on her D-day. Since it is the wedding season in Indian Sub-continent, I thought to share my views about the Indian wedding day looks faux-pas I have observed over the years and also sharing few tips on how to best avoid them! After all, your hair, nails, makeup, dress – and how you look in that wedding outfit – are all part of becoming the bride you want to be on that special day. Since pictures taken on that day remain part of your life forever, it’s important to look and feel your best.

Indian Wedding Day Looks: Faux-pas To Avoid

That said, I find bridal make-up is a bit of a weird concept. To me, it is really just special occassion make-up- albeit the most special of all occassions – and should be treated accordingly. A bride should look like herself on the best day ever. Her usual skin tone should be at its most flawless, her go-to special hairstyle at its most perfect, her signature going-out make-up at its most immaculate. A man or a woman is marrying you, so it has never been more apropriate and, frankly, polite that you try to look like you, the person they fell in love with.

That is why I am perpetually stunned at how many Indian brides spent one of the most important days of her life looking like someone else. Ringlets on starightening-iron devotees, sickly layers of foundation on those always seen without make-up face and dark, overtly glittery eyes. Padded bras on flatties, over-the-top falsies, rainbow like eye-shadows, elaborate fake hairpieces, on short hair. Enough! A wedding day is not the time to play at being a flaxen-haired virgin from a disney fairytale or a clown from the village circus show. It’s time to look like you at your most amazing.

Not that I am suggesting that you go for nude make-up or whack on your every day make-up done in 10 minutes either in the train en route to work or on breakfast table while sipping your morning juice. There are special considerations. Your everyday make-up only has to look good until you take it off. Wedding make-up still needs to look great in 30, 40 or 50 years’ time. An ordinary night out does’t involve hundreds, sometimes thousands of photographs being taken, or being stared at by an entire crowd of guests. Bridal make-up needs to be long -lasting, immaculate, outstanding and future-proof.

How to avoid the faux-pas?

Women in good numbers are booking an appointment with a professional make-up artist for their big day, it is indeed a good investment. But, for reasons that remain unclear to me, mostly they choose a make-up artist by their brand name. They can be brilliant, well-known, expensive (yes for some people that’s also the criteria to be ”good”), talented, kind, but that’s not the point. Does your make-up artist knows you? Does he/she understands your individual style? Don’t hire someone because they are the best, hire someone who knows you- I mean, he/she knows what suits you! Just because she is an expert of doing smokey-eye doesn’t mean it will suit you, it will blend well with the color of outfit you have chosen, simple. Your hired celebrity make-up artists may have the collection of all the best make-up brands but he/she can make your small eyes look smaller!

So when hiring a pro, a pre-wedding trial is absolutely essential. This is where you can play with different looks, talk through your personal style and preference, test the skin for any reactions, exchange ideas for make-up to be done keeping the outfit in mind, leaving the day completely free and calm to just apply what you already know looks great on you.

Top tip: Take picture of your trial face if you need reminding.

Plan everything you need in terms of product, this is because in case your hired make-up artist is bringing her own make-up to apply on your face, make sure you either borrow her lipstick or buy yourself the same shade well in advance to retouch it from time to time throughout the day. On the day, you will need to allow enough time for the make-up. Wear your dressing gown on top of the blouse for the make-up session, but apply your lipstick last, when dressed completely and otherwise ready. So, don’t try out anything new; go with what you know looks good, what you know you or your professional hired make-up artist can do well and what make you feel and look showstopping. Don’t shy away from taking lots of pictures. I so hate to see good make-up go to waste;)


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You are looking so adorable..Expecting more picture.


Thanks. This was kind of an editorial post, adding more photos were not required 🙂


Prettiest bride ever!


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