Turbans are an off-beat fashion going around. They came about in last summer and I personally thought it will be great to pull it off for Autumn-Winter, as hats are needed in the cooler weather and this could be a great alternative to hats, but they also suit a Spring wardrobe quite comfortably because here, in the UK, we still need to wear a jacket in the evening and also on most cloudy days, they would serve well during the day time. Plus this could be your savior for bad hair days! Yayyy!

The Turbanator The TurbanatorMorocco Chefchaouen day 3_999_21 Morocco Chefchaouen day 3_999_35 Morocco Chefchaouen day 3_999_46 Morocco Chefchaouen day 3_999_50

I bought this Zara turban last Autumn and wore them during my winter holiday in Morocco- it served me two ways; 1) Morocco is a country where Islam is dominant in its culture- so wearing modest clothes e.g. covering your head, sleeves, legs etc. helps to avoid unwanted attention on the street, 2) this way I could keep my ear warm in a moderately cold December weather in Morocco.

The Turbanator The Turbanator

The TurbanatorThe TurbanatorThe Turbanator

This jumper is just a nice top that is half sweater- half blouse. The front of it is made of wool and the back is in chiffon to make it a perfect piece for a day-time wear during Autumn, Spring or even in a winter as mild as you experience in Morocco. I have soft spot for transeasonal styling. Why is it that we Brits are never happy with the weather? It’s always too hot or too cold! So, having tops like these in your wradrobe always helps! Orange being so synonymous with Autumn and I, being a Autumn born, this fire-red colour has become my recent favourite. I have been wearing a lot of orange lately- be it a Saree or a top. Plus this top is a really snug and honestly it’s such good quality for such a cheap item- it’s definitely a smart purchase.

Stopover in the middle of nowhere aurrounded by High Atlas Mountain Stopover in the middle of nowhere surrounded by High Atlas Mountain

The Turbanator

The Turbanator The Turbanator

The Turbanator In the lap of High Atlas mountain

The TurbanatorThe TurbanatorThe Turbanator

And finally the clutch, oh how I have wanted to name this post ‘’ The third eye’’! I just had to control my enthusiasm and name it what I did but I still think this clutch holds as much importance as the turban to make this look what it is! In fact as soon as my beuatographer saw it in the morning while dressing up, he said, ‘’Wow! This is so unique, you have an eye to find gems like this!’’, it actually received more compliments from him than I ever did on this day. He loves things that are quirky! This evil eye clutch is one such quirky piece of accessories that I have worn so far.

Someone giving me a good competition on the runway, eh?! Someone giving me a good competition on the runway, eh?!

The Turbanator

At the Cascades d'Ouzoud - on eof the most famous waterfalls in Morocco At the Cascades d’Ouzoud – one of the most famous waterfalls in Morocco

The Turbanator The Turbanator The Turbanator

The Turbanator

Styling this look with a leather pants and a pair of leather ankle boots kept the look man-ish enough, yet the printed turban and the evil eye clutch worked well to tone it down to make it look more feminine than one would imagine!

Works been high on my agenda since I returned from Hawaii and of course blogging is consuming most of my time now-a-days, can you believe I have pending posts on both Vogue and Voyage category from last August- yes some are still left from my holiday in Croatia from last Summer, it doesn’t end there- the next holiday is just round the corner, that means double the content and it requires better time management. I have to recycle this Macbook I’m blogging from at the moment and get me a new one asap- hopefully this week because it’s just acting really weird these days being 4 years old. A lot of changes are happening on the blog too, we are in the process of transferring it to a new host site which will allow us to add more plug-ins and make the blog look more professional and that it needs to reflect us better than what it is at the moment.

You all have a great week ahead! Happy Monday!

What Was I Wearing?

Zara Turban
White Pepper Evil Eye Clutch from Asos
All Saints Leather Pants
Primark Top
Kurt Geiger Ankle Boots
Ray-ban Aviators


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super cool look! love your turban:)



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