Hawaii kind of felt like a dream location (I know I said this before), somewhere that you don’t actually believe exists until you see it up close and truly experience it. The beaches and landscape is breathtaking. It is kind of cool to see different types of sand on beaches lined with white, black, green or in some, no sand at all and roads leading up to large rolling mountains in the background. Definitely do not see that in the UK!

Fringe, Flowers & Fruits

Tropical fruit clutch is a must-have accessory for a tropical beach holiday

Fringe, Flowers & Fruits

The atmosphere is so picturesque and relaxing, like a real paradise, and it left me in the perfect state of happiness. But since we went there around Easter holidays and even though there are so many people in some popular beaches e.g. Hapuna Bay in The Big Islands Hawaii or Waikiki in Oahu Island, some beaches like Honaunau Bay never felt crowded because we went there after lunch time when almost all snorkelers left for the day. Honaunau offers divers true underwater bliss. Snorklers have the chance to swim alongside surgeon fish and, most notably, the endangered green sea turtle – an opportunity which attracts many divers to the area. The bay’s coral formations are also home to a variety of other rare fish, many indigenous to Honaunau. Did we snorkel there? Yes we did but not on this day when we shot these photos. On our first day in the Big Islands Hawaii, we headed out to Honaunau Bay after lunch just to relax by the sea, in case we change our mind later and I go for a dip or two and my beautographer for a relaxing swim. On reaching there, we felt like just hanging out, watching others snorkelling (still a handful of people there making the best of the sunshine). Yes, it helps to see better under the water.

Fringe, Flowers & Fruits

Fringe, Flowers & Fruits Fringe, Flowers & Fruits Fringe, Flowers & Fruits Fringe, Flowers & Fruits Fringe, Flowers & Fruits Fringe, Flowers & Fruits Fringe, Flowers & Fruits Fringe, Flowers & Fruits Fringe, Flowers & Fruits Fringe, Flowers & Fruits

I think my outfit choices du jour reflected the relaxed energy that radiates throughout Honaunau Bay and the whole of Kona coast area. From the flower in my hair to the extra long fringing of this rose sheer poncho, it’s an effortless, stylish comfort that is suitable for this tranquil, turquoise bays tucked into the Big Island’s South Kona coast. Putting together this look for the beach day-out was so much fun. This was next to perfect cover-ups to layer over my black cut-out monokini. I love the length of the fringe on this poncho because it covers up till the length I wanted it to and most importantly it’s unlike any other fringe I’ve worn before. It made twirling around and dancing on the beach a lot of fun with the fabric swaying and it kind of gave off a more bohemian feeling.


Fringe, Flowers & Fruits Fringe, Flowers & Fruits


What’s great about this Spring time holiday in Hawaii that it gave me a little more opportunity to experiment. Since I was keeping my makeup really natural, I put a little more emphasis on styling this poncho with this Pineapple shaped clutch- so tropical! That’s not usually something I’d carry on a regular day, but it suited the beach vibes and I thought they were very playful. I could put a little more effort with my hair but honestly, I had no time to wash my hair after we flew from Honolulu to the Big Islands earlier in the same day, I was wearing a hat for the journey which flattened my hair anyways, my saving grace was that I braided a few strands of my hair, left for a while still lazing on the beach to create the random beach waves in it. It did look messy and oily in the most ugly way possible. But an universal truth is that red lips fix up almost every problem in a woman’s life (kidding!). I had no intention of getting my head under water on that day, so dark lipstick was a must-have!

At the moment, ponchos with long fringes are a must-have for beach holidays. Will you try one? Share a picture of yours, if you do, drop me a line below as I like to hear what you have to say:)

When life gives you curves, flaunt them

Fringe, Flowers & Fruits Fringe, Flowers & Fruits Fringe, Flowers & Fruits Fringe, Flowers & Fruits

caption This rose sheer poncho serves well as a perfect top to pair with your trusted pair of denim shorts for those journeys between the hotel/resort and the beach

What Was I Wearing?

Asos Rose Sheer Poncho With Extra Long Fringing

Newlook Pineapple Clutch

Forever21 Cut-out Monokini

Zara Denim Shorts

Primark Sunglasses

Accessorize Hair Flower Clips

Accessorize Feather Ear ring

Illamasqua Red Lipstick

Beach slipper from my nail salon (I have history of getting this pair, will share..may be another day;))


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