Often great style is in the details. It’s actually a well known fact that I love details and I know some of you do as well. I just love how every little aspect of a look is matched together and well thought out. I personally think it’s also fun when you’re on a holiday in an exotic location and visit a place that accidentally matches the necklace and hair accessories you’re wearing or the color you are wearing stand out as an artistic contrast. Of course no one can help but stopping for a photo opportunity. Wait, a photo or tons of them? This is what happened to me when I was visiting Peru, during a day trip to the Sacred Valley, we descended on the Maras salt pans, a fascinating system of platform used since the inca times to extract salt from a natural mountain spring. Visually the shining salt-encrusted terraces are extraordinary in its pearl white shades. Wearing something bright to contrast well against the plentiful of white all around the Salineras was on top of my list of things to do while visiting. The backdrop of Salineras de Maras has beautifully camouflaged with my pearl necklace and lace pearl hair band.

Pearl White Details

Delicate fabric and feminine shade of this ruffle sleeved dress was welcoming the spring weather in Peru. Blending beautifully into the atmosphere, it shined as a picturesque subject to contrast an elegant pearl white background. As every post of this blog in the Vogue category focuses on the details of the outfit and accessories worn to enhance the look conceptualised, I am going to categorise them in sections for this post e.g. jewellery and dress silhouette.

Pearl White Details Pearl White Details


Pearl White

Starting of with jewellery. This real pearl necklace actually belongs to my beautographer. You heard me right! He wore this on the D-day to look like an Indian Maharaja, styled with a Gold embellished Sherwani. It’s my turn now to play with it after all this is my hidden agenda to gift him Unisex accessories; I can always borrow;) Since I prefer wearing jewellery during the spring/summer months more as they are hidden under layers in winters and also jewellery matches the vibrant coloured clothing I usually tend to wear during the warmer months. It’s so cute to match white-ish jewellery to an all pink dress and the colours pearl white of the Salineras de Maras. It saved me time when I discover pieces like an over-sized wooden bangle coated with sea-shell and lace with pearl embellishment hair accessories in my existing jewellery box to style this look with utmost femininity.

Dress Silhoutte

This pleated dress with cut-out ruffle sleeves comes in that shade of pink I love most. This soft and feminine shade of pink brightens you up instantly. I also loved the sheer details at the back. If I have to pick one negative side of this dress, it has be the pleats, not that I’ve anything against pleats but be mindful that pleats on a short dress may make curvy women like me bigger than we actually are.


Pearl WhitePearl White

Pearl White Pearl White Pearl White


Pearl WhitePearl WhitePearl WhitePearl White

Keeping words of Giorgio Armani in mind, “In fashion, sometimes all you need is that little detail to give that new outlook on something and make it different,” I am going to leave a parting question for you all reading this post, ”Have you ever sat on the train/bus or casually looked at someone on the street and for that second they look very attractive, I mean great clothes and accessories, and in the case for women, hair or color of her lipstick and all? Why do you think they looked attractive to you? Also, are you one of those people who think a good DSLR and hours spent with photoshop alone have the power to give you good photographs? The details!

Pearl White Pearl White Pearl White Pearl White Pearl White Pearl White

What Was I Wearing?

Asos Dress

Asos Lace Hair Band

Pearl Necklace from Ratan’s, Bardhan Market, Kolkata, India

Primark Bangle

Newlook Beaded Sandals

Primark Brass Clutch Bag in Antique Silver Colour with Faux Moon Stones

Ray-ban Mirrored Aviator


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gorgeous as always! And your sunnies are so cute. I love how elegant yet casual the dress is, and your skin looks practically sun kissed!


Aww thank you! It took me 2 months to get back to my natural skin tone after exploring Peru for 10 days. The Sun there has an unique effect on your skin. But it was worth it!

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