We’ve got a few exciting days ahead of us because as you are reading this post, we’ve already left for our second voyage du 2015 in Norway. Come Saturday the 13th June, It’s the beautographer’s 35th birthday. Yayyy! We will be road-trippin’ to explore the fjords, villages, coastal roads and landscape of Fjord Norway as we drive through the Atlantic Ocean Road which is officially declared as the World’s Best Road Trip, and been awarded the title as ”Norwegian construction of the century”, we’ll have our very own special memories.

London to oslo distance 1736 km, 1. 35 minutes by air. London to Oslo distance 1736 km. Only an hour and 35 minutes flight

We’ve been at home longer than usual, which has been nice, but now I’m looking forward to a new adventure. It’s again time to start getting excited about the art of conceptualising a wardrobe for another voyage because the last time we were on a holiday in Hawaii was in Spring but the weather was already hot and humid there! This time around it’s supposed to be Summer, naturally to be a lot warmer, probably a wee bit humid, but NO—it’s Norway and the Norwegian Summer is cold and wet just like the Norwegian Winter! Even in June, July and August, one must pack warm layers and a waterproof jacket or raincoat as it rains throughout the year. This is probably the best time to go there if you’re not skiing.

Planning well in advance is required for packing a capsule wardrobe because, although we will be away only for a week but the weather can be quite as unpredictable in Norway as it is here in England, if not worse. For a week-long holiday, one light-weight medium-sized suitcase will be sufficient for both of us to pack a somewhat balanced wardrobe with both low temperature-appropriate and summer-weather clothes.

Dressing up appropriately for plane travel is as important as packing for the destination you are heading out. Depending upon the length of the flight, I like to ‘bring class back’ to travel by air. It’s not like I board flights wearing pencil skirts, nor do I habitually suit up corporate style. My usual flying (long-haul) attire consists of sweat pants, loose-fit jumpers, and a jacket — the latter mainly because it’s best to dress up in layers in order to get used the temperature fluctuations in and outside the flight.

Airport wear:

Zara waistcoat, Converse All Star, Zara fitted denim, Zara organic cotton off-shoulder top Zara waistcoat, Converse All Star, Zara fitted denim, Zara organic cotton off-shoulder top

For a couple of hours long flight from London to Oslo, I planned my outfit to be stylish with an elegant sleeveless long jacket/waistcoat paired with navy denim and white converse shoes. I have gathered Oslo-citizens wear very stylish clothes and dress carefully. A red rucksack will complete this easy-going airport look to carry my travel documents and essentials such as moisturising cream, hand lotion, lip gel, hydrating face-mist etc. plus this will come handy later when we go hiking.

A week long road-trip wardrobe:

‘Take and wear layers’ is how one should and we would dress up when in Norway offering mostly mid-temperatures. Considering this, there will be lots of rain, so water proof gear, jackets and mits, plus umbrellas (never forget this!) are all in my suitcase so that even if gets wet we will soak through since we are going to drive through the countrysides, hiking the world famous Kjeragbolten rocks, lots of walking through the small towns and cruising in the Geiranger Fjords !!

My desk research sums up that the driest period on the western Norwegian coast is from March to June. ”Water proof” jackets are indispensable for longer walks. A quirky Rain Mac in lavender with its vintage styling from Asos is going to be my shield in this journey. I have always been a fashion victim in extreme weather condition, did I tell you I was born to live in Hawaii forever! I like to wear heels with outfits best styled with them but I always carry a pair of ballerina or flip-flops in my handbag for walking comfortably while sight-seeing. Good walking shoes is a must for Norwegian landscape. In fact, team OneTimeFashionista bought two pairs of water proof hiking boots from Sports Direct only for this trip, feel the excitement? Even if you are not hiking, some of the streets are steep AND cobbled so no slippery shoes.

Packing Picks for Norway Sports Direct hiking Boots for men and women Packing Picks for Norway Asos Rain Mac, Zara Rucksack

Despite Norway’s quick-changing weather, I am positive about Summer and its characteristic styles. A pair of white fitted chinos and hot pants are my go-to outfit for this summer. I think white is such a clean and sophisticated shade for this time of year and is perfect for holidays. You know that I’m all about finding the perfect statement piece, especially when I’m wearing an ensemble that doesn’t short much on the color spectrum, and this zipped hem fitted trousers from Zara are just that! I am going to combine it with a straight navy blazer and a pair of brown gladiator sandal if its a sunny day, if not, my back-up plan is a pair of trusty converse.

Packing Picks for Norway Zara fitted trouser, H&M twill shorts

Culottes are the perfect example of youthful and playful fashion, while at the same time it is very comfortable for travelling. I like how loose fitting this Mandala print Culottes from Forever21 are and how the flowy pattren is feminine, unique and elegant. They grab just the right amount of attention! Styling it with this cheesecloth shirt with embroidered bib front from Zara suddenly made me realise they both are ”made in India”! You can also wear them with a pair of heels and take this look from day to night—yay versatility (is key)! I hope you guys are embracing fun patterns for the warmer weather and don’t be afraid to take a bold risk with your pants.

Packing Picks for Norway Forever21 Mandala Print Culottes, Zara Cheesecloth top, Zara necklace

Beautographer’s wardrobe:

Levi's denim chinos, M&S cream fitted trouser, H&M navy chinos Levi’s denim chinos, M&S cream fitted trouser, H&M navy chinos Zara striped linen t-shirt, two-tone short sleeve sweater, polo collar t-shirt Zara striped linen t-shirt, two-tone short sleeve sweater, polo collar t-shirt

Lots of Linen and denim chinos paired with breton t-shirts, two-tone half-sleeved sweaters, polo shirts and waterproof light-weight jackets. Young boys in Norway are often seen wearing knitted hats pulled down their foreheads. In his not-so-young-mid-thirties, I suggested him a trusty fedora for a sunny day or a beanie hat if its going to snow (hell no! It’s June!). A pair of leather ankle boots and a good quality pair of Karrimor hiking boots are going to dress up his feet for this voyage.

Essentials not to forget


Packing Picks for Norway

I remembered to pack my sunscreen (love the Kiehl’s SPF 50 range for long- hour protection) as the sun can be strong even when the temperature is cold. And packed a few sunglasses (one for each day, yeah I know!) as the sunrays reflect from the white snow and off the water of the lakes and fjords. Palmier’s cocoa-butter Lip balm for my beautographer and lipstick (it has moisturising elements) pour moi are a must to protect lips from cold dry air.

For hiking:

When hiking, wearing sturdy footwear is essential and also carrying a snack, drink, warm clothing etc will make this strenuous hiking little easier and a lightweight day sack will come in handy to carry our sightseeing essentials.

General packing tips:

  • Everything is expensive in Norway so make sure you pack everything you think you will need e.g. I’ve packed my filtered water bottle (I carry it to work and gym) to fill up water from any source and get clean, safe drinking water without wasting plastic bottles.
  • Raincoats are enough but it’s a good idea to carry an umbrella alongside.
  • Don’t forget your camera!

Top tip:

Sunny days in June, July and August can be pleasantly warm – enough for shorts and t-shirts if you’re not too far north. We will be driving up north towards Alesund and since the weather can change quickly, so we’ll be prepared with a raincoat, woolen gloves and hats to hand – especially if we’re venturing further afield on walks or hikes.

I wish us a bon voyage and you all can wish my beautographer on his birthday, this coming Saturday:)


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