My fashionistas, a quick post to share my airport style or travel look for Russia with you all here. If you have read the last post, you have already seen the look but thought it would be helpful to share the details why it is the way it is! After years of travelling to different destinations, I have managed to get my airport fashion game in place and it all depends on the length of the flight, what season it is and how I’m doing healthwise at that particular time of flying out. Those of us who are not celebrities and would be unable to carry off the Lady Gaga look even if we wanted to, but what we wear can still tell others a lot about us. The days of check-in staff upgrading smartly dressed travellers are all but over, but that is no excuse to abandon all sense of style. Worse still is the fact that our appearance and body language can also influence the judgement of airport officials at security when leaving the UK and passport control, immigration and customs on arrival especially if you happen to stand on the queue for Non-UK passport holders.

Airport Style

My travel looks have always been styled keeping in mind wherever I’m travelling to and whatever the purpose of the trip is. One thing remains the same, that the temperature in the cabin can be unpredictable so dressing up in layers is a must. If you need to take a coat or jacket with you, consider wearing it. Not only does it save you having to pack it in your luggage but it can also double up as a blanket. If you are headed to a destination where coats and jackets are definitely not required, then a stylish cardigan/jumper and pashmina will keep you warm and can also be tucked away easily if you are hot.

For a 4 hours long flight from London to Moscow, I have opted for this breton jumper with suede leather elbow patch over a plain black t-shirt and teamed it up with a distressed jeans. In case I’m hot in the flight, I can just simply take off the jumper, on the other hand, if I’m cold, I will have a scarf in my carry-on case to keep me warm. The holes around the knee area of this ripped jeans will be comfortable to bend my knees when I need to. Another reason I prefer to wear a pair of ballerina (no metal please) or converse is because the security officials usually don’t ask you to take off your shoes during scanning, so you save a bit of time there. Also, a pair of converse keeps the airport style comfortable yet chic after all we can’t ignore the long walk between the immigration to security check, then to duty free and finally your departure gate.

One of the accessories in my Russia wardrobe will be hats, it’s autumn = it’s hat time! So instead of having it occupy space in the suitcase, I’m wearing it while flying out. Wearing a hat on the day of while flying out was also my way of dealing with my 4 day old unwashed dirty hair. As evident, I don’t wear many jewelleries when taking a flight in order to avoid taking them off and on again during security check/scanning.

Airport Style

Airport style Airport style

Airport style Airport Style Airport style

What Was I Wearing?

Asos Jumper

Zara Ripped Jeans

Converse Shoes

Zara Sunglasses

H&M Hat

Zara Messenger Bag

Hand Luggage from Bric’s


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In love with your style! <3


Thank you Arielle! Much appeciated

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