Love at first sight? Wrong or right? Did the emotions take flight? Certainly not in our case when the eyes met during the under-graduate students’ fresher’s party at the University of Delhi (India) back in 1999.

How We Met

How We MetHow We MetHow We Met How We Met

With dreams of embarking on new educational adventures in a new city, options were certainly kept open to float the boat in the waters of the heartland. However, when we came across each other, we can safely recall that the initial impression was not that of dismay or discard by any means – but rather that of a passive acceptance of being impressed followed by a quiet sense of curiosity to follow up on each other afterwards. It goes without saying that we put our best foot forward while introducing ourselves to the peers and we certainly exploited all the oblique angles in our visual repertoire to check each other out without being overtly exposed like rabbits caught in headlights which led us to be crowned as Mr. & Miss Fresher of the event, who knew then we will be Mr. & Ms to each other forever.

How We Met How We Met How We Met How We Met

So the introductory meet and greet between us remained confined to that day only – just like the short and crisp introduction above – nothing spilled over, no promise of the impossible was made, no signs were given, no numbers were exchanged. Only the names were known and which course we had chosen to follow – in the university that is. Since then we moved on along our own courses life busy with studies, new friends and new experiences.

How We Met How We Met How We Met How We Met How We Met How We Met

Once we came across each other later at events at common friends’ place or at the hostel events, the flame of curiosity got rekindled. A friendship ensued which kept on getting fueled with burst of laughter, endless conversations and banter. Only when the reckless and carefree souls decided to hit the road to become voyagers is when the feelings got truly unlocked and unleashed.

How We Met How We Met How We Met How We Met How We Met How We Met

A maiden voyage, just the two of us, from Delhi to Jaisalmer via Jaipur and return in 2000. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. What happened between us in this roadtrip to Rajasthan (India), stayed with us until now and will remain so until the last day of our lives. Since we found ourselves in unknown locations very early in our courtship, we realised that inspite of differences in faith and subsequent lack of family approvals, we shared a deeper sense of attraction, love, respect and values between us.

How We MetHow We MetHow We Met

It is this feeling that flipped through the pages of last 18 years of togetherness. We got married in March 2008 and still have been hunting experiences and memories hand in hand.

Happy Valentine’s day to you all reading and watching! Stay in love!


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