I know that I proclaim my love-hate relationship with IKEA furnitures. ‘Love-hate’ because my lack of ability to assemble something from the scratch by reading those encrypted instruction manual. But how can one not appreciate the universal fact that there are just so many ways to make an IKEA furniture your own. You’ve seen tons of hacks of the IKEA furnitures and why not! Gosh they are so popular for being on budget, and I feel like the Ikea VITTSJO series is having a moment. From gold to marble to wood accents, the possibilities are endless.

DIY Ikea Vittsjo Shelf For My Small Office/Home Office DIY Ikea Vittsjo Shelf For My Small Office/Home Office

We’ve been living in our new home for close to ten months now and oh boy! decorating a new space is quite the task. Honestly, we are believer of ‘invest in making memories, not in goods/ materialistic things’, having said that I also believe that you need to make the space you live in a reflection of your personality, and that can be quite effectively done without much opulence. For our small office/home office, I kept the theme which is no theme to you at all but I call it ”minimalistic” like the rest of the space of our home. Since I spend hours in my home office – I’m in there until 2am many nights so I wanted it to be comfortable, functional, yet fun & elegant. So when I finally managed to work on this room, I just wanted a minimalist shelf on which I could not only store some key accessories, books on fashion & beauty, pot plants (I can’t do without a touch of greenery) and decorative pieces but also something that gives the room a airy feel to it. Remember, it is the second (single) bedroom which we turned into a home office. Now when your room is small or does not receive much natural light (thanks to English weather and its continuous rain), it may create a claustrophobic feel or depressing appearance. Since I can’t change the size of the room or reconfigure the windows, but I could take decorating steps to give a light and airy atmosphere by adding light colors (white/ivory wallpaper), natural elements (pot plants) and a few pieces of furniture to create a relaxed look that is open for creative thinking, writing, content creating.

I didn’t find the exact shelf I wanted, so I created one by refashioning an iconic (one of the best selling) IKEA shelf. To know it all, keep scrolling down.

What We Need & How Much It Costs?

1 IKEA VITTSJÖ = £65.00

2 Rustoleum Metallic Spray in Gold Finish = £9.49 each

1 Self-adhesive Film Marble Grey = £5.13

3/4 bin bags (Go to your nearest supermarket) = £0.10

DIY Ikea Vittsjo Shelf For My Small Office/Home Office

Before I start sharing the steps of this DIY and the do’s and don’t’s when attempting to create one at home, it is essential to know our main ingredient a little more in details. This IKEA VITTSJÖ shelving unit is made from tempered glass and metal, which are durable materials that creates an open, airy feel to your space. It can be enough storage for a limited space or can create a platform for a larger storage solution or simply be a decorative piece of furniture which could then be enhanced with different fashion and homeware accessories. It has adjustable feet for stability on uneven floors or carpets. You can select the look you like best because the top and bottom panels have one black-brown and one black side. This is a piece, perfect from all the sides on its own, still you can give it a makeover to match your aesthetics or to coordinate with other furnitures of your home. Spray painting, adding shelves, changing glass for wood, covering the wooden shelves with self-adhesive paper – VITTSJÖ will transform exactly how you want it!

Here’s the drill…

Step 1: buy the IKEA Vittsjo shelving system. Assemble it with the help of the instruction manual, don’t add the shelves yet. When it comes to assembling IKEA or other furnitures, I am absolutely disable about it. That part of IQ I’m not born with, I have just come to this conclusion in life. So, the only time I took any help from anyone on this project (from conceptualising to finish line) is to assemble the main body. Thanks to the Beautographer.

DIY Ikea Vittsjo Shelf For My Small Office/Home Office

Step 2: Take the shelving unit outdoor or in an open space where you won’t damage anything around with the colour you are going to spray. Spread some bin bags on the floor or grass, keep the shelving unit standing on it, shake can vigorously for 1 minute after mixing ball begins to rattle (continue to shake regularly during use) and spray paint gold all over holding 30cm from surface. Spray in a steady back and forth motion, slightly overlapping with each stroke.

DIY Ikea Vittsjo Shelf For My Small Office/Home Office

Tips no. 1: It doesn’t have to be a super sunny day to do this DIY but make sure the temperature outside is over 10 degree C. On the other hand, avoid maximum humidity, so if the temperature outside is over 32 degree C, avoid doing it in such condition. Avoid water contact to the spray painted until its dried completely.

Tips no. 2: For best results while spraying keep the can the same distance from the surface and keep the can in motion.

Tips no. 3: Apply several light coats a few minutes apart.

Tips 4: Wear gloves (if you care about your manicure) and a suitable protective face mask to avoid dust inhalation.

Dry & Recoating: Great news! It touch dries in 20 minutes. Hard dries in 24 hours. Spray the second coat after 1 hour or to get the best result after 24 hours ( I did that).

Step 3: Cover the bottom and top shelves with self-adhesive film (though this isn’t even a necessity). I LOVE the combination of gold tone with marble finish. If you do too, my advise is to do it one side only because the other side is not visible when the entire shelving unit is put together.

DIY Ikea Vittsjo Shelf For My Small Office/Home Office

Tips: Alternatively, you can use mirror shelves (get it cut to size from your nearest hardware store). Although I don’t recommend it if you plan to keep heavy vase or decorative pieces on the top and bottom shelves. Having the wooden one makes it safer and stronger. Self-adhesive films like this one I used are easily cleaned with wet wipes or dry clothes.

Step 4: Style your new glistening gold gorgeous shelves. Voila!

DIY Ikea Vittsjo Shelf For My Small Office/Home Office DIY Ikea Vittsjo Shelf For My Small Office/Home Office DIY Ikea Vittsjo Shelf For My Small Office/Home Office DIY Ikea Vittsjo Shelf For My Small Office/Home Office

I know there are a million IKEA DIY’s so I’d love to see (in the comments below), if you’ve stumbled across any good ones lately.

Happy Friday Loves!


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Just stumbled across this post and I’m so glad I did! Im in the process of decorating an apartment and I might just have to try this!


Thank you! Hope you make one for yourself and find this post useful. Much love

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