It was our 10th Wedding Anniversary on the 13th of March this year. One of the rare occasions where we found ourselves in London because we usually always travel abroad to celebrate this milestone. We certainly had a memorable photoshoot done and some wisdom to share with you on secrets of long marriages so feel free to enlighten yourself here by reading this post. Nothing fancy, nothing extravagant – we decided to go for some afternoon coffee and cakes at the pleasantly pink Elan Café in West London.

There are two locations of Elan Café and we went to the one at Park Lane first. We joined a short queue and after a little wait, we were guided downstairs at our table. Cosy and compact, it turned out to be a sheer coincidence that the table we were taken to was table number 13, the exact date of our 10th Wedding Anniversary and the very day (13th March) when we went there. Just to remind you that the Elan Café does not operate with reservations so we had no way to precisely request them to allocate us the table number 13. Something was certainly special that day and the signs showed up surely inside Elan Café.

An Affair With Elan Café: Pretty Pink Please!

We tried their famous pumpkin mousse and the red velvet cheesecake to continue with the sweetness of the moment served with Matcha latte for Tanusree and Chai latte for Shehzaad. The cakes were moreish  and one of the finest we’ve had in recent times. The staff were exceptionally friendly and the service was good. We were certainly in the mood to elongate (or should we say Elangate?) our experience with Elan Café so we decided to have dinner at their other branch at Brompton Road.

Surprisingly enough, there was no queue at the Brompton Road branch which turned out to be a much larger venue. We were taken to our table and we ordered from their impressive menu a Grilled Ras el Hanout Chicken Breast served with grilled peppers, lemon yoghurt and chilli oil for Shehzaad and for Tanusree a Pan Fried Sea Bream served with sautéed green beans, wild mushrooms, chestnut purée and shaved truffle and a basket of sweet potato chips on the side.

An Affair With Elan Café: Pretty Pink Please!Stuffed and chuffed, we were happy in the tummy with the Elan experience since evening. However, we realised that we were yet to picture ourselves in front of their most Instagrammable pink Peony wall. Given it was dinner time, the café was abuzz with diners so there was no chance to capture a picture perfect shot against the wall found inside the Brompton Road branch of Elan Café. Solution? We knew we had to return and next time should be for breakfast!

Ignoring the early morning deluge, we actually got ourselves up from our beds and got all decked up (Note: Tanusree repeated an outfit for the first time for the same place, for photographs, the pink Peony wall is so special!)to make our way for breakfast at the same venue in one of the following days right in the middle of the week. While the Londoners were rushing to work on that Wednesday, we were rushing to sip the morning coffee at Elan Café and it turned out to be as good as expected.

We could finally place ourselves against their famous Pink Peony Wall. Elan Café tells its story that it is distinctive, stylish, confident and impulsive. Along with the unique coffee that it makes for you, its interior certainly proved the point it told in its story. Tanusree wanted their famous Acai bowl with banana, passion fr­uit, pomegranates and gluten fr­ee coconut and granola while Shehzaad got some Avocado on sour-dough bread with eggs and Feta cheese. We also ordered their Insta-famous Pistachios and hazelnut-chocolate croissants one each accompanied by Tanusree’s favourite Matcha latte and Shehzaad’s favourite Chai latte.

An Affair With Elan Café: Pretty Pink Please! An Affair With Elan Café: Pretty Pink Please!We had ample amount of time to immerse ourselves in the pink hue while we started our day with this sumptuous and healthy breakfast at Elan Café. Early birds catch worms and early-risers catch healthy breakfasts at Elan Café and also enjoys the pink peony wall uninterruptedly. Note however that the venue appreciates patrons to limit their stay for up to one hour to one and a half hour and rightfully so. Because no sooner had we finished having our last sips in their signature coffee, than an army of smart instagrammers with smartphones showed up, all eyeing for a place in front of their Peony Wall. Go early, preferably before 10 am.

So what started with an affair over an afternoon coffee with cakes, led to a delectable dinner and followed with waking up together for breakfast. Certainly there is no third person in our relationship, it just turned out that both of us had fallen in love with Elan Café so much so that one thing led to another and we are simply not guilty about it. You shouldn’t be too.

Find them at 239 Brompton Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 2EP 

and at  48 Park Ln, Mayfair, London W1K 1PR

Open every day from 7.30am until midnight, ask for a table in the back.

Convincing an Instagrammer to visit this place is really a piece of cake!


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You guys are so cute together! By the way I love your outfits 🙂 It’s so elegant and classy, I like it!
I can’t wait to try Elan Café when I go back to London! It looks really amazing and the food looks delicious 🙂
PS : Where did you get that dress from please?
Kisses x


Thank you! The dress is from Asos.

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