Certainly there is no correlation with Easter and the spring in London but it just so seems that the Londoners would spring up to see the new blossoms heralding the much awaited presence of spring just on the other side of the long weekend of Easter holidays. No doubt the seasons are procrastinating or rather behaving erratic, but that did not deter the Belgravia neighbourhood in London to get all decked up in floral displays. Time well spent this Easter was for me to immerse into this pink prowess of floral delights.

Just like the freshly blossomed flowers this spring and always attract the eager bees in their droves, Belgravia never ceases to attract the steady flow of Instagram obsessed bloggers and fashionistas to picture themselves in the floral flurry. No exceptions with me either as I donned my power pink suit to find myself striking my pose with the rose and with other floral displays which were oozing beauty and grace. While the spring is still taking its time to fully arrive, I recommend you to think pink and choose this pink suit to suit the seasonal demand to let go of the dull and grey, embrace and enjoy the colours once again!

Spring Look: Power Pink Suit Spring Look: Power Pink Suit Spring Look: Power Pink Suit

I’ve been really into blazers lately, especially the double-breasted ones. So as soon as the Spring collection arrived, I treated myself with this pink suit in linen. Pink has been on trend for a good chunk of time now and I wanted to continue to embrace it until we have to fully move onto darker colors. The suit also incorporates another big trend: oversized blazers, so it was almost like a two-for one. I also found this silhouette to be perfectly flattering, it’s a look that works for women of all shapes and sizes. I decided to make the look more street style appropriate by throwing on a pair of white sneakers which I have been living in. They have this cool pink velvet patch on the sides and gold details at the back, which is why I’ve been able to wear them more often than I could imagine. My pink sunglasses, which I’ve been donning from time to time, are perfect for anything between city chic look and boho beach look. My hair for this look was inspired by laziness, I just really digged the 3 days old hair look in a high-bun which is effortless and make you ready in less than five minutes.

Spring Look: Power Pink Suit


What Was I Wearing?

Linen Blazer & Cropped Trouser
Zara Bag
Newlook Trainers
Asos Sunnies


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