Sun is out and a short getaway from London is certainly on the cards. Holland anyone? Well why not, but no need to cross the English Channel and fly to the land of the tulips in Holland because we could take the London Underground instead and happily arrive at the green tranquil of Holland Park in west London instead.

Spring in London's Holland Park

Continuing with our task to bask under the London sun, as long as it lasted that is, we chose to walk the green shades of the beautiful Holland Park. Famous for its Japanese Kyoto Garden and the resident peacocks and squirrels, Holland Park is unlike other pristine parks in London because it still holds on to a typically rural charm to it. However, the London heat this day is a bit excessive perhaps for the native animals because they are outnumbered by sun worshipping homo sapiens so much so that their appearance was rather scarce.

Spring in London's Holland Park Spring in London's Holland Park

Spring in London's Holland Park

Still there were enough colourful flowery blossoms of the season to keep the surroundings vivid and vibrant. If you’ve been following our treasure hunt of the Wisteria hysteria in London, you would be happy to know that we were lucky once again to have enjoyed the fragrance and the shades of these lovely lilacs in Holland Park too.

Spring in London's Holland Park

Holland Park also hosts some lovely sculptures and installation where one could even play a massive game of chess with some life-size chess pieces. While we got entertained with the nonstop scream of perhaps one anxious peacock, we snapped up some shots with some gorgeous tulips basking in the London sun.

Obvious from the outpouring of sun-loving Londoners that most of them actually preferred to enjoy the day inside Holland Park instead of actually going to Holland. Pretty much every little available green and open space was taken up by Londoners who were replenishing their yearly deficit of Vitamin Ds. We were no exception and we had our daily dose of greens and colourful elements as well – green leaves and colourful flowers that is, only for viewing pleasure we must tell you!

What Was I Wearing?

Zara Dress
Straw Bag from Bangkok
Shoes (Jutti) from Janpath, New Delhi, India
Hair Accessories from Accessorize
Zara Sunglasses



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