How much time to do you have in London to explore? Seven days a week for exploring eight of the Royal Parks, how does that sound? Always put one step ahead of yourself and start with the beautiful Kensington Gardens as the first park of your eight for the week. The Londoners Pilgrimage means that even those who call London home, are always drawn to its Royal Parks atleast four times a year. Perfectly in alignment with the four seasons and the natural display of beauty that follows. We wasted no time at all and bubbling with the exuberance of a first-time visitor in this Capital of the World, we made our way to get our green shots in the pristine Kensington Palace Gardens (nearest tube: Queensway, Central Line).

Sharing the name with the Royal Kensington Palace, the royal residence of the Peoples’ Princess Diana and the present abode of her two sons Prince William and Prince Harry and their respective families, Kensington Palace Gardens has the charm of the royalty all through out. While some opted to enjoy the exhibitions and the glamorous palace interiors, some preferred to just soak up the sun and feed the birds instead in the Round Pond.

We also preferred the second option so we scored our birdie shots with the pigeons and the equally royal looking swans, who were now the resident of the Round Pond. Always on the hunt to appease their hunger, the greedy birds turned out to be centre of attraction for the lovely sunny day.

Before we enjoyed the birds being fed on breads, we took a stroll along the wonderful Cradle Walk, surrounding the Sunken Garden. The arched arbour of red-twigged lime had nicely located arched viewpoints to enjoy the Sunken Garden from all four sides and get photographed too. Worth mentioning that the Cradle Walk was also nicknamed “Nanny Walk” as this was one of the favoured meeting points for the many nannies in Kensington.

The beautiful Sunken Garden itself was established in 1908 and now continues to host numerous flower shows throughout April to October. A favourite location for Princess Diana where she used to personally enquire with the gardeners about the seasonal plants and flowers.

Set up by the Royals of England, who used to take a stroll gently along the gardens for leisure, must have found themselves, over the course of time, being withdrawn to the confinement of the four boundaries of the gigantic Kensington Palace. After the recent wedding of Prince Harry with Megan Markle (Now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex), the couple have started to live in the Nottingham Cottage inside the Kensington Palace.

Its pretty much certain that the Royals must be enjoying the same sun and the same green from the privately secured space of their royal residence inside Kensington Palace. Whereas the public in the Kensington Gardens must be doing the same merry making and as a bonus they could feed the birds and swans of the Round Pond. Obvious, who gets to enjoy more freedom under the gorgeous London sunshine!

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