Didn’t your doctor order a dose of rose this summer in London? Note it’s a dose of rose and not rosé, so before you fancy having a sip, stop and prepare to sniff instead. Queen Mary’s Rose Garden inside the Royal Regents Park Inner Circle in London will allow you to hop on your toes from rose to rose just like a busy-bee. While the actual bees might be busy gathering honey, you can certainly be busy flower to flower as a shutterbug instead. That is exactly what we did in one of this sultry summer weekends in London (nearest tube: Baker Street) by deciding to immerse in the bed of roses in the Queen Mary’s Rose Garden.

12,000 roses, 400+ varieties, 85 single variety beds, from classic to modern – all types of English roses are in full bloom especially during the first two weeks of June in the Queen Mary’s Rose Garden. A typical rose riot to say the least, the colours, the texture, the size and smell of these exquisite flowers had us spellbound the moment we stepped inside the gardens.

“You’re beautiful, Gorgeous!” No not me but these were the few names of the variety of the roses instead. It seems the varieties of the roses got their names from the very first words that come out of the visitors’ mouths seeing the roses for the first time. A gentle walk from bed to bed introduced us to the rosy world of these beautiful summer blooms.

The inner circle also had beautifully decorated flowery arches adorned with climbing roses to pause, reflect and adore the flowers from a distance. Children, couples, elderly, singletons – everybody was being a busier bee by smelling the royal rosy fragrance. Especially overwhelming was the English Rose Border which was designed using the roses donated by David Austin, the award-winning rose breeder. With an impressive collection of 45 varieties of roses along the walkway, it seemed if looks would kills then the smell (of roses) would surely steal – heart and mind and soul. Only if our smartphones could do justice by capturing not only the colourful petals of the ravishing roses but also the actual smell, it would have been a feat worth achieving.

Named after Queen Mary, the wife of King George V, this Garden of Eden of Roses was opened to public in 1932. Since then, the busy Londoners, the busy bees, the admiring visitors to this gorgeous city have all been flocking there to frolic the flowery flurry of these ephemeral roses. We were certainly no exception – so we chose to pose with rose as our eyes close, with a spell-bound heart and a “smell-bound” nose!

What Was I Wearing?

Reserved Dress
Newlook Shoes (Alternative here)
Zara Bag
Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses
TribebyAmrapali Ring


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