What makes Mexico unforgettable? We had a couple of weeks to discover the answer to this golden question as we embarked on a memorable voyage across Mexico earlier this year in January. In the next few posts in this series, we are going to bring to you our experience and recommendations from the 4 days of the time we spent in the bustling mega-capital of the country, Mexico City. Subsequent posts will share with you our take on restaurants to dine-for, sights to die-for across Mexico City, Cancun, Isla Mujeres and in the jewel in the Mexican crown, Tulum. For now, here is our pearls of wisdom on how to make the most of Mexico City in 4 eventful days. Vamos!

We had ample amount of time to plan in advance while we waited for our Royal KLM flight from Heathrow Terminal 4. While we were bubbling in excitement and waiting to board the flight, we had finalised the itinerary for our days 1 to 4 while having breakfast at the airport. We also enjoyed deep-tissue massage at the Amsterdam airport during our layover there. 2 euros is all it costs to get a 5-minute shiatsu massage in the futuristic chair. Dream away!

Day 1 itinerary
Breakfast at Panaderia Rosseta Havre
Frida Kahlo Museum
Lunch at Mercado Coyoacan
Tequila-o-clock while watching sunset from Miralto Restaurant at Torre Latinoamericana
Dinner at Miralto Restaurant

The 11-hour flight to Mexico City from London (via Amsterdam) meant we had a sunset welcome upon arrival in the Mexican capital. We took a paid taxi from the airport to our preferred abode in Mexico City, Room Mate Valentina Hotel. We had a paid partnership with this amazing chain of Room Mate Hotels and we were simply given a warm welcome as we crashed in to our spacious and clean room. Make sure you read this detailed post on Room Mate Valentina hotel and reserve in advance before you make further plans for your trip to Mexico City.

Fatigue, jet-lag and the evening arrival meant that we had just enough energy and enthusiasm to walk to the nearby La Casa de Tono restaurant to have a traditional Mexican dinner. Situated in one of the most vibrant zones of the Mexican capital, la Zona Rosa, our hotel was surrounded by a good number of restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. However, we had better plans the following day so we had to bid good night right after dinner.

Our well thought out trip plan ensured that we would have our very first breakfast in Mexico City in supposedly the best place for breakfast – Panaderia Rosseta Havre. Already abuzz with early risers, the cosy café had a charming atmosphere to have the first meal of the day. Alluring croissants, fruits and juices made from local produce, a taste of Mexico to loudly say ‘Hola México’!

It was certainly premeditated that we would inaugurate our Mexican adventure by walking in the foot-steps of the most iconic face of Mexico, Frida Kahlo. The energetic, enigmatic and at times eccentric, Frida’s life, love, struggle and stories are felt deeply in the Casa Azul, also known as the Frida Kahlo Museum. Some 30 minutes of Uber ride from Room Mate Valentina, the Museum is situated in the south of the capital in Coyoacan.

Erstwhile residence where Frida used to live with her husband, the famous Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, a visit to this Museum is imperative as soon as you touch down in Mexico. Some say to keep the best for the last, but we chose to experience the best first while the rest could wait. Make sure you read our elaborate post here on our heartfelt steps taken through the footsteps of Frida in the magical Casa Azul.

A short walk from the Frida Kahlo Museum was the buzzing Mercado de Coyoacan. Ideal for some souvenirs, t-shirts and mugs with Frida everywhere, you could also try out some traditional Mexican wrestling masks (Lucha libre). However, the market is best to settle down for your lunch and order some local Mexican dishes. Lunch in the company of local residents, hearing a lot of Spanish all around and realising that we were in Mexico City finally ticked a big item in our voyage bucket.

Our next destination was back to the city centre to enjoy some glorious sight during sunset. No other place offers this unique panorama but from the Miralto restaurant, situated on the 41st floor of the Torre Latinoamericana. A perfect bird’s eye 360º view was on offer with a ravishing sunset across the high mountain ranges surrounding this largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere and the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world. We also got delightful views of the iconic Zocalo square with the proud Mexican flag right in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

While we were amazed at absorbing the altitude fun, our Don Julio Reposado tequilas kept on arriving one after another. So we were obviously flying high from an already high 41st floor overlooking the width and breadth of this mega-city of 20 million people. A bit on the pricey side, food at the Miralto restaurant was certainly delicious and the fine view to dine with was worth the premium price.

Mexico City’s Metro is the largest in entire Latin America and the cheapest in the world. Traffic is supposed to be notorious at times, but we were perfectly happy with the ease of booking a taxi with Uber and we can strongly recommend to simply download the Uber app on your smart phone to save time and travel comfortably.

A breakfast in the best café right after sunrise, an emotional introductory exploration of the fantastic Frida Kahlo Museum, a local lunch in the company of local Mexicans, a glorious sunset with shots of Tequila and fine dining from the 41st floor of the Torre Latinoamericana soaking in every inch of the expanse of this vast city – what else one could ask for on day 1?

Stay tuned and follow this series of post where we bring to you our experience from the day 2 in Mexico City where we moved on ground mostly instead of being at higher altitudes with tequilas and towers.


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