The heat won’t wear you out if you wear the right clothes. The unusually long hot spell that UK is experiencing is no wonder welcome by the sun-yearning Britons. While some are lazily being a beach bum, some risk hitting a bum note when not in the right attire under the sultry skies. Goes without saying that the best layer of protection your skin can put on in this scorcher is a generous amount of sun-screen. Smacked bountifully on the exposed parts of your body and face, the right sunscreen is going to screen out the harmful sun-rays while you are busy soaking up the sunshine. If not in the shades, then you also need to have the right shades of sunglasses to keep your eyes at ease. Read here my recommendation on the hottest sunglass trends of this season to get inspired.

Now when it comes to choosing a piece of fabric in this hot weather, my preference is always for linen. A white or cream linen dress will never go out of fashion. Enough to keep your body ventilating, linen dresses gives you plenty of choices to be comfortably in fashion and raise your style-heat even during this heatwave. Linen really draws a line with gorgeous eyelet details as this dress I’m wearing or any pieces in white or cream with cute little details like bows, pockets, front button down etc. which will also create the impression of all things summery.

The heatwave is going to be around for a few more weeks it seems. Be ready to replenish your bank of annual Vitamin Ds, but make sure you are keeping yourself hydrated, have the extra layers of sunscreen to protect your screen, see the world through the stylish shades of sunglasses and put on fabrics like linen and cotton which will sum it up well this summer for you.

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What Was I Wearing?

Zara Dress (More options herehere, here and here)
Zara Bag
Zara Earrings
Quay Australia Sunglasses
Moroccan Babouche Slippers bought from Marrakech Medina, Morocco


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