Since basket bags have been hugely popular for over the last couple of years, the options are literally innumerable, and there’s a bag for any fashion taste and style, from rounded to the tote to the classic oversized design. Unapologetically, I announce that I’ve a basket-bag-problem. It started with just one wicker bag from Thailand a few years ago and now I’m besotted with them so much so that I have way too many than I need, collected from all over the world, literally.

As suggested the title of this post, I am going to share my hand-picked list of the best basket/straw/wicker/raffia bags of the season, but before I do that, analyzing the trend along with some style inspirations is almost obligatory.While basket bags have been “a thing” for the past 2 years in a row, it is the spring-summer season that it has managed to become a must-have accessory for designers, fashionistas, and it-girls (just scroll down your Instagram feeds to see how many Influencers have been spotted carrying a straw bag in their summer holidays, at music festivals and practically everywhere!). Given how versatile these bags are, it comes as no surprise!

Even though we mainly associate them with beach holidays, summer dresses, and boho style, basket bags are actually incredibly versatile and perfect for the day-to-day life, even if you are always on the go.Given their popularity, these summer bags have been designed, revamped, and especially restructured according to different patterns, which range from the romantic circular straw bags to the rectangular raffia bags.

I posted a photo on my Instagram story over the past weekend after putting together all my basket bags in one place, organizing them and then dispersing them around the house as decor. I conducted a poll about whether anyone will be interested to see/read the summer’s must-have basket bag trends on the blog, so seeing the overwhelming response, I thought I would round it all up into one blog post for you and also sharing from where to shop them! Keep reading below for all of my go-to sites, stores and brands for the best deal.

Although my personal collection of basket/wicker/straw/raffia bags are from a mix of places; some bought during my trips to Marrakech in Morocco, Porto in Portugal, Bangkok in Thailand and the rest are a combination of various high-street brands as well as from Net-a-porter.

Zara Among the high-street brands, they have really UP their game this season when it comes to basket/raffia/straw/wicker bags. They possibly have them in all shapes, sizes, patterns and textures. My favourites are here, here, here, here and here. They are all under £30.00 which is the best news of all!

Etsy I love discovering small brands and companies on Etsy, especially for vintage homeware items and basket bags. I can usually find a handful of them for really great prices, too. Check out this, this, this and this.

Topshop For some emotional reasons, I love Topshop. Firstly, it is a British brand and last but most importantly, if you are a student here in the UK, you get 10% off when you shop at Topshop/Topman. I took full advantage of it during my Uni days here and the old love continues even although I’m no longer a student. They, too, have a great selection of basket bags to use and carry like this one and this one.

Urban outfitters I have recently grown a little fondness for this high-street brand that carries a variety of chic accessories. Their circle straw cross body bag may be made in Indonesia but definitely proven to be a bestseller and hugely popular among Insta-influencers. I mean, name a fashion blogger who doesn’t own this bag, seriously!

Asos My favorite site for online shopping on budget where you’ll find an array of basket bags, big and small, for both everyday use and for occasion wear. If its my way I will buy this, this, this, this, this and this and add to my existing collection.

Traveling– I bought quite a few of my bags while traveling, whether it’s in a local market or a small boutique that offers something unique or souvenirs I’ve never seen before. Beautographer is always rolling his eyes at me and giving expression like “seriously, the last thing you need is another basket bag” especially when I bought 3 basket bags in a row from Porto, Portugal during our trip there last year, but somehow I always end up doing what I want to do;)

Basket Bags x Casual looks

Since spring and summer are always all about comfort and practicality, basket bags have been my go-to bags currently. Evidently, all my recent outfit posts featured a basket bag of a different design and pattern.  You’ll effortlessly look like an Instagram-ready fashionista when throwing a basket/wicker/straw/raffia bag into your casual looks.

Summer Airport StylePortugal Please! Day 7: Algarve Coastline AdventuresSpring in London's Holland ParkGreenwich Park London's Cherry Blossom Avenue

Straw Bags x Glam looks

If you are into creating contrasting looks, it is obvious to look for ways to carry a basket bag, consider pairing an small straw bag with a skirt or a pair of trousers or structured dresses, as the contrast obtained will inevitably turn heads.

Portugal Please! Day 5: Tasting Porto in PortoPortugal Please! Day 2: Lisbon on Seven Hills

Portugal Please! Day 1: St. Antonio’s Day Festival in Lisbon

Straw Bags x Romanticism

Last but not least, even if it sounds like a cliché, I cannot help suggesting pairing a basket bag with a big, flowy and romantic midi or maxi dress.  Straw basket bags are for the lazy days spent outdoors with friends, for picnic in the park and are even more glamorous when combined with a conventionally bon-ton outfit.

Wisteria Hysteria in London Neighbourhoods

What are your favourite basket/wicker/raffia/straw bags for this summer? Hopefully, this post is helpful for you to pick your prized possession in a basket bag.


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