What is this link between pink and pretty? The quest to unravel this pink link brought me to the private pink paradise at Fourteen Trevor Square in Knightsbridge. Certainly one of those picture perfect pink private abodes of London , this location had a special pacific vibe about it.

Knowing the fashion destination and being prepared for the style journey are second nature for any vibrant fashion lover so I made sure my look of the day was well in line to blend with the pretty pink panacea as the backdrop.

No heart will sink to see pink, it was so blissfully gorgeous. A few clicks, some more flicks and in the blink of an eye, the pink pageant for the day came to a pretty end. No kink required to be pretty for pink, ink the right dress, match the matching ear-rings, put on the right hues and you won’t owe any dues.

So think pink. Throw some whistle and wink, deck up, doll up and get pinked in front of the pristine Fourteen Trevor Square.

What Was I Wearing?

Zara Blouse & Trouser (Trouser from 2 seasons ago. Alternative here)
Zara Earrings
Topshop Shoes (Sold out, sorry!)
Basket bag from Portugal. (Alternative here)


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