Did you ever apply for a visa to travel to a new country? What about getting a visa to walk with your best foot forward? Only possible when you slide your feet into a pair of stylish and comfortable shoes from none other than the Shoe Embassy London. Since being established in 2011, Shoe Embassy has set its mark in vibrant locations of London – from Brick Lane to Camden and from Spitalfields to Greenwich. Take note that you can surely roam free in any of these London neighbourhoods without a visa or passport, just make sure you are walking in a pair of Shoe Embassy footwear.

Shoe Embassy Madness valentino Shoe Embassy Madness valentino

Made from finest European leather, I found my pair of Shoe Embassy Madness shoes cosily comfortable and of superior quality. Instantly turning me into an ambassador of style, my pair of Madness made me take elegant strides along the trendy streets of London. I paused for a while under the shades away from the scorching summer sun while my proud feet kept getting all the attention.

My pair of new lace-up Valentino coloured Madness is a magical melange of classical heritage and the current tomboy trend. So much so was the charm of the design, leather and the contrasting soles that even the summery sunflowers turned away from gazing at the sun and kept staring instead at my madness with my Madness Valentino from Shoe Embassy!

Charm, charisma, comfort, quality, variety – the visa stamps on the pages of my “shoe-passport” that Shoe Embassy London took pride in offering. Besotted by my new pair, my feet are already ticklish in anticipation of a few more to stamp on my shoegasm passport this year.

What Was I Wearing?

Shoe Embassy Shoes
Zara Dress
Zara Bag
Zara Earring
Miu Miu Sunglasses


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