Very few announcements in life come with such excitement, anticipation and happiness. As avid voyagers ourselves, the journey the two of us started some 18 years ago is expecting the arrival of a third traveller to join us in this beautiful journey of life. We are expecting an extension of our lives.

Pregnancy announcement ideas

In the flurry of emotions, it is nevertheless prudent not to get carried away and share this joyful news with you making sure that all the right sentiments are expressed. Sharing is caring and once you share joy, it multiplies. We hope you will be as delighted as we are and join our bandwagon of feel-good fantasies. Having only recently crossed the ”secret trimester” also known as the 1st trimester of this magical journey, we are looking forward to March of 2019 to witness the most magical spectacle of our lives. March is also the month of our marriage anniversary. It can’t get any better than this, right!

For us, marriage is not a means to have children

One of the principles we always believed in was that we never treated marriage as an enabler to have children only. We looked at the expectations we had from each other and from our lives when we decided to get married after knowing each other for some 8 years or so. Marriage is first and foremost about companionship, mutual respect, space, love, care, protection, security, loyalty and most importantly – friendship. As a natural consequence of all above feelings being in place, helping both individuals to grow emotionally day by day, children only could enhance whatever already exists emotionally between two adults united in matrimony.


Pregnancy announcement ideas

Love doesn’t increase just by having babies

We never believed that having children will pacify a turbulent marriage. Children are not to be treated as possible solutions of problems created by two adults or their families. Rather than a remedy for the disease of lack of love in a relationship, children are certainly a responsibility. We thought only when two adults in a marriage would feel responsible enough individually, mentally, physically, emotionally, financially – should they consider having children.

Having said that, there is no denying of the fact that we certainly felt love between us in a different light ever since we confirmed the conception. The fact remained that irrespective of this fantastic turn of events, we had enough lovely ammunitions in our romantic repertoire to keep the flame going. Two of us will be connected via a common blood-line, but we kept in mind that real love doesn’t always need children and couples can be in love and be happy, with or without a marriage, with or without children.

There is no right time to have children

We have decided to have a baby 10 years after our marriage and it was a conscious choice and decision based on our current life goals and priorities. We carefully shrugged off norms that there is a time limit immediately after getting married for having children. We wondered whether a husband or wife had enough time to enjoy their companionship on their own first before allowing another life between them.

Pregnancy announcement ideas

We do appreciate the fact that we all are limited by the biological clock. But having the wisdom when to and when not to, being free from any expectations or pressure from family or society, does require some maturity to be able to deal with your own life first. We think the time is right only when both of us felt that we are ready to give our best to raise a new life between us, by giving it the best of values, love, care and affection so it grows up to be a fine human being first and foremost.

Pregnancy announcement ideasPregnancy announcement ideas

It is not a coincidence that we selected to announce this wonderful news with you on the day which coincides with Tanusree’s birthday on 9th September. Sharing with the world the exciting news of expecting a new life on the day the mother herself was born surely reflects how special our lives here, that we value each moment from even before someone is born.

Here is wishing Tanusree A VERY HAPPY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY and here is introducing to the world the Bebé bump we have named as ‘Shona’! Thanks to you readers, followers and friends for accompanying us in our journeys over the years. Be with us for the next ones.

What were we wearing?

Tanusree’s Wardrobe: Dress Blue/Dress Pink/Shoes/Necklace Vintage/Ring from Ratan’s Vardaan Market Kolkata, India

Shehzaad’s Wardrobe: Tweed Jacket/Navy Trouser/White Shirt/Blue Suit/ Shoes

Tanusree’s hair by Dri blow Dry bar
Tanusree’s makeup by herself


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This is such an exciting news! All the best wishes for you. I don’t know what happened I could not see your page in my timeline. I was just searching for the page and now seeing this.. Congratulations ❤❤.

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