I’m not any expert. When one of my Instagram followers sent me a Direct Message after seeing one of my posts, I wanted to reach out and share my thoughts with a fellow pregnant woman. She was referring to this post below-

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How not to buy maternity clothes and still fit your bump into regular clothes?🤰🏻 Answer: Buy a coat that’s oversized in style anyway (this one from @hm) + buy one size bigger than your pre-pregnancy body. Voilá! Apart from maternity tights and bigger bra, I haven’t bought any clothes so far from maternity section. I still buy clothes from regular section except the fact that I just buy one size bigger (for tops/jumpers/dresses). Glad that I managed to keep the pregnancy weight gain process quite consistent so far and remained within the required or suggested limit (from 11 to 16 kgs maximum). Today I have just crossed 6 months in this journey. I have always made sure that I enjoy every decision I make in life. When I decided to take on this challenge of becoming a biological mother, I knew I’ll enjoy this emotionally, however, like most first-time mothers, and with all scary pregnancy related symptoms and news around, I wasn’t sure how my body will take it or whether it’ll enjoy at all. My heart is full of gratitude today to share (not show off) that it has been a walk in the park so far. ‘Shona’ is what I say “a smooth operator”. While most women have an army of support, family members, domestic help, nannies, daulas to support them during this phase, cook for them, get their works done, pamper them to a point that they become idle, I have NOBODY except Beautographer. May be this is why the Universe is compensating me with a healthy body and mind during this most challenging phase (physically) of my life🙏🏽#24weekspregnant * * * * * * * * * * * * * #thisislondon #londonblogger #london_enthusiast #london_city_photo #londonlife #london_only #prettycitylondon #toplondonphoto #ilovelondon #welivetoexplore #optoutside #timeoutlondon #visitlondon #Londonexploring #theprettycities #photooftheday #secretlondon #londondays #londoner #mycitylondon #Maternitystyle #pregnancyjournal #myeverydaymagic #greycoat #Imperialwarmuseum #Autumncolors #poppiestour #pregnancyupdate

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I am also sharing her queries below-

While replying to her, I realised I almost wrote a blogpost, I then went on to do a poll on Insta Stories asking my readers if they would be interested to read it. With 73% vote, here I am, sharing with you all to be mothers and future mothers what I have experienced, read, learnt from my midwives here in the UK in the past 6 months of my pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy Diet & How To Maintain Weight Gain Consistently

Healthy Weight Gain

I must begin with a fact that pregnancy is definitely not the time to go on a diet or try to lose weight. However, it is also important to gain a certain amount of weight as you are growing a human inside your body. Women who had a healthy weight pre-pregnancy should put on between 25 and 35 lbs (that’s 11- 16 kgs). Women who were overweight before the pregnancy should aim to put on less, ideally no more than 25 lbs. Speak to your healthcare provider if you are worried about your weight gain, as I have warned you before that I’m no expert.

Healthy Pregnancy Diet & How To Maintain Weight Gain Consistently

It’s important to eat a healthy pregnancy diet to ensure you have enough energy. You will be advised by all grannies and aunties especially those of you reading this from the Indian sub-continent to eat more, ”eat for two”. The truth is, during the first six months of pregnancy, you should not increase your calorie intake at all. You may find that, by switching to a healthier diet, you are able to eat more if you feel hungry, but you certainly shouldn’t be eating extra crisps or chocolate bars. During the final trimester, pregnant women are advised to eat an extra 200 calories a day. This amounts to two slices of brown bread lightly buttered, or a large banana. Hardly eating for two, is it?

Risk Of Overeating

By eating too much during pregnancy, you can put yourself at risk of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, backaches, preeclampsia, and birth interventions (those who aim to go through labour resulting to give a natural birth) due to having a larger baby. Putting on an excessive amount of weight during pregnancy also means that it will take longer to shift back to your pre-pregnancy weight once the baby is born.

Healthy Pregnancy Diet & How To Maintain Weight Gain Consistently

Healthy Pregnancy Diet & How To Maintain Weight Gain Consistently

What Should I Be eating?

What I try to follow is eating five small to medium meals a day, out of which three medium meals and two snacks (fruits only). It’s important to remember that when you do increase your food intake, it should be the healthy stuff more of – not the junk food. Of course once or twice a week you should eat what you want. Don’t deprive yourself if you want a spoon of desi ghee or a bowl of ice-cream once in a while. As long as you don’t over indulge, and generally try to eat a healthy diet, you should be fine.

I’m eating a variety of fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables to ensure I get a mix of vitamins and minerals. You can try eating brown rice, brown pasta and brown bread, rather than choosing the less healthy white versions of these foods. Reduce your sugar and salt (opt for pink Himalayan salt and add honey to your cereal or muesli instead of sugar) intake, and generally try to eat as healthily as you can.

I’m sure in your regular check-ups or midwives appointments, they check on your progress of weight gain. If its too much or too less, your midwives or doctors would advise you what to do. But its good to weigh yourself at home every week. Do it at the same time every week, preferably after you wake up in the morning, this will tell you how consistent you are in gaining weight and you are aware of the changes your body is going through. Suppose if you are to gain total 16 kgs in your entire pregnancy, it should be distributed in a way that you gain the maximum weight in your last trimester. What to watch out is that you should not be gaining, say, 5 kgs in a month.

Healthy Pregnancy Diet & How To Maintain Weight Gain Consistently

Pregnancy Exercises To Stay Active

Last but not the least, stay active. I continue to do all my household chores including cooking, putting clothes in the laundry, weekly grocery top-up, bending down (with knees bent) to pick up things or put things in the bottom shelf etc. Remember, pregnancy is not a disease. If your midwives or doctors have given you a green signal of having a healthy pregnancy, there is no reason why you should be idle or rested in bed all the time. It’s important to listen to your body, take it easy and slow but continue to live your normal life.

Healthy Pregnancy Diet & How To Maintain Weight Gain Consistently

Healthy Pregnancy Diet & How To Maintain Weight Gain Consistently

Go for a walk for 30 minutes three to four times a week. Look for a pregnancy yoga or Pilates class in your local area if not doing it already. Exercise can also help you to regulate your weight gain, and can ensure that you are in good shape come labor and delivery. Unfortunately, as pregnancy progresses you may feel too large, or too cumbersome to engage in aerobic activities and may find that simple things such as walking, are hard on your back or increase the swelling in your feet. And this is precisely where swimming comes in. Swimming is perhaps one of the best exercises that a pregnant woman can engage in. For one thing, when your pregnant body is in the water it is fully supported by the water, which means that your back, ligaments and joints are not carrying the weight of your body. But make sure you do not start any exercises that you have not tried before pregnancy. The reason why swimming is highly recommended is because it utilizes the large muscle groups of your body, helps to keep your blood flowing properly and can help alleviate some of the circulation problems that many women experience during pregnancy. When your blood is circulating and flowing properly, nutrients are delivered more efficiently to your baby. Additionally, the exercise increases your oxygen production to both you and your baby. And unlike running or walking or bicycling, the swimming is not harsh on your body and doesn’t involve any jarring or excess pressure on the joints. Remember, this is not to lose weight but to remain flexible, active, practice breathing, keeping pelvic muscles stronger which will help during delivery (natural birth).

The phrase “eating for two” isn’t outdated, it just needs a new meaning for modern life. Instead of thinking about double the quantities, we should think of it as changing our diets to increase the amount of healthy foods we eat – because we’re eating for two!

What Am I Wearing?

H&M Jumper
H&M Maternity Leggings
Asos Boots (This one from last season, find alternative here)
Michael Kors Bag
Asos Hat


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