Being a proud member of the British society gives way to express solidarity and gratitude to the privilege that every citizen enjoys, thanks to the supreme sacrifice done by the heroic many. One such day is the Remembrance Sunday which falls on 11th of November when the nation comes together to remember and pay homage to the ones who laid down their lives in the World Wars to ensure our freedom. We paid a visit on this very day to the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth to immerse ourselves in the pensive poppy ambiance that commemorates this occasion of reflection.

Imperial War Museum Day OutImperial War Museum Day OutImperial War Museum Day Out

That sunny Sunday of the 11th of November, the sun was shining bright and the atmosphere was surely calm and peaceful in the Imperial War Museum (IWM) which is a British national museum with branches at five locations in England. A location “to provide for, and to encourage, the study and understanding of the history of modern war and ‘wartime experience”, also hosted an enthralling piece of ceramic poppy artwork cascading down its entrance.

Designed by Tom Piper and crafted by the artist Paul Cummins, the art installation called “Weeping Windows” was a befitting tribute to perhaps the endless hours spent by the loved ones sitting next to the windows staring at the horizon, patiently passing moments in anticipation with the hope of the return of their loved ones who had gone to war. Their wait might have ended in agonizing weeping and tears cascading down their cheeks, just like the art installation cascaded down the entrance at IWM.

Imperial War Museum Day Out

Imperial War Museum Day Out

Wearing a poppy is a matter of personal choice and there is no compulsion. You can easily donate to help those who are currently serving in our armed forces, veterans and their families. I chose to wear my very own specially designed poppy to pay my tribute to the fallen as I got the Weeping Windows as my backdrop. We then had an eye-opening tour of the IWM and finished our day trip with a sumptuous Sunday lunch at The Horse & Stables pub.

Imperial War Museum Day Out

We hope you feel inspired by this short post, share it now with your friends and spare some moments to reflect on the sacrifices of the heroes in your respective societies.

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