Its that time of the year when bells and whistles are being put up. Not only on the Christmas trees but on the shop fronts, houses and streets. Christmas is round the corner and while it’s a good time to look back at how the year went, its also the perfect time to have the lookbook of this holiday season ready to be flipped. In this series of next few blogposts, I bring to you my selected style inspirations for this party season to bring out the prima donna in you.

Christmas Party Look: Sparkling Sequined Dress

Christmas Party Look: Sparkling Sequined Dress

Bubbles of colourful baubles, wreaths and garlands, snowflakes, Christmas trees and stags, candles and lights – the list goes on and on to decorate the festive season that Christmas is. Goes without saying that the style stories of this season will not be limited to a handful of vogue bonanzas only. To secure the sequence of merry-making of this period of the year, sequins will never go out of trend.

I have put on this lavish sequins dress to kick-start my immersion in the glittery events filling up the calendar for this month. Perfectly complemented by the sparkling decorations all around, a sequins dress such as this is one of the must have dresses to really get into the swing of things.

Christmas Party Look: Sparkling Sequined Dress

Faux fur will never be a fashion faux pas when carried with some style, substance and support. So I have got this aristocrat black faux fur stole to launch the flurry of making merry all around. With matching ring and ear-rings to blend well with the sequins dress, I have set the right tone for more to follow, more events to attend, more fun to be had.


Stay tuned for more fashion fables to follow in this year’s lookbook. Incase you want to have a flash-back of the style senorita stories from last years, do check here, here, here and here.

What Was I Wearing?

Zara Dress/Faux Fur Scarf/Shoes
TribebyAmrpali Earrings
Debenhams Clutch (This one is from a few years back, find alternative here)
Hair & Makeup by Yours Truly


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