In this post, we share with you the songs we have included in our Labour Play List and the reasons for selecting them. The experience of labour during child birth is possibly the most overwhelming and life-changing moment of an expectant woman’s life. While some labours are shorter and some are longer, its unheard of that a labour was experienced without any pain. On the contrary, the intensity of pain can vary greatly from woman to woman but there is no denying of the fact that its possibly a pain unlike any other.

Asos Red Maternity DressAsos Red Maternity Dress

Asos Red Maternity Dress

Music is one of the means to pacify the oscillating waves of petrifying pain that keeps hitting the pregnant woman in form of contractions. Cruising on the 32nd week, we have chalked out a Labour Play List for ourselves to play throughout the upcoming labour and this list comprises of our favourite songs so that the rhythm, lyrics, melody and memory can calm the pain and the labour ends in bearing the final fruit in the form of an offspring.

Asos Red Maternity Dress

Not sure if the Three Wise Men played any sweet music to Mary while Jesus was born, having no partner around physically (God was busy up above) or no playlist to listen to during childbirth must have been rather difficult for her. We will surely make sure that both of us – myself and Beautographer – are together during the labour, listening to the songs in our play list – one after another. Happy to share with you our Sound & Songs Strategy as below –
1. Amaro porano jaha chay – Rabindra Sangeet
2. A thousand years (Christina Perri)
3. Annie’s song – John Denver
4. Because I love you – Shakin Stevens
5. Every breath you take – Police
6. Everything I do – Bryan Adams
7. Fall from the stars – Simply Red
8. Fields of gold – Sting
9. Fix you – Cold Play
10. Hands to heaven – Breathe
11. Nothing gonna stop us – Starship
12. Nothing’s gonna change my love – Glenn Mederios
13. Rule the world – Take That
14. Run away – Corrs
15. Shallow – Lady Gaga
16. She’s like the wind – Patrick Swayze
17. Tracy Chapman – Fast car
18. Two steps behind – Def Leppard
19. when i need you – Leo Sayer
20. Wind beneath my wings – Bette Midler
21. Woman in love – Barbra Streisand
22. You are the reason – Clomes Scott
23. You’re still the one – Shania Twain

Its not a definitive list yet as we continue to add more songs to this Labour Play List as we inch towards the crucial weeks ahead. There are some sweet reasons why we thought to have these songs included in this list. For example, the song “Amaro porano jaha chay“ is a Bengali Rabindra Sangeet (composed by the world famous poet Rabindranath Tagore) which I used to sing to Shona (The name of my Baby Bump) during the tumultuous hormonal episodes of the 1st trimester. The song itself has a calming effect and every time I used to hum it out while gently caressing my Magic Theatre (term coined by Beautographer to refer to my tummy/uterus), I used to imagine that the turbulence inside me will calm down listening to this pacifying tune and so it did.

Similarly there are other songs in this list which we have listened to thousands of times during our years of courtship. A song from a certain time gets stuck in your mind and can instantly transport you back to that magical moment when you used to listen to it. Everytime we listen to these songs now, we have the same sensations which we used to feel when we were enjoying the falling in love with each other.

Then there are some songs which we had listened to numerous times especially during our discovery of 48 countries through eye-opening road-trips. From Hawaii to Easter Island, from Iceland to Croatia, from Mexico to West Coast, from Norway to Morocco – wheels were rolling, radio was on, roads were ahead and we drove through unforeseen sights listening to these songs which transported us from one experience to another through life-changing journeys, very similar to the journey of pregnancy, labour and child-birth, just without the unbearable pain part.

Basically the songs were carefully chosen to link back to memorable moments of our lives as a couple, so that some relief could be sought during the pain that labour will bring with it. We recommend you do make a Labour Play List, which you can actually listen to throughout your entire journey of pregnancy and you don’t have to reserve it to listen to during the actual labour only. Keep in mind that one never knows how your own labour would turn out on the very day its meant to lead to a child birth.

There may be unforeseen circumstances which may lead to not having the option to listen to your favourite music when you really wanted to. However, its still a good idea to have this list of songs prepared, loaded on your phones or music player and mentioned in your Birth Plan. If not during the labour itself, you can try to listen to these songs during skin-to-skin to embolden the bonding between yourself and your new-born.

Asos Red Maternity Dress

Asos red maternity dress

Rhythm, music, lyrics, melody are certainly connected with memory and the memory you would create during labour and child birth will be possibly one of the most cherished ones in your entire life. Let music take control, to rush you through the memory lanes in a flash and then ushering you to creating new memories in making through your fruit of labour.

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