London becomes a magical land of lights and laughters during the run up to Christmas and the Winter Wonderland right in the very heart of Hyde Park transports Londoners and visitors alike to the land of unabashed imagination for children and adults who behave like children. We were no exception as we had this wonderful walk through the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, where we did not hide the child in us but instead we let ourselves float along in the festive vibes.

Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland

Artisan stalls, handicrafts, rides, cafes and restaurants, ice-rinks, merry-go-rounds – an obvious array of wonderful delights were available to keep families entertained. Being 8 months pregnant, our walk through the Winter Wonderland was filled with wonderful anticipations about our baby, where we were surely wondering about how many more times we have to visit this magical location in the next years, presumably with a stroller in the next few instances as a family.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

As they say, “Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional” and this Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park was the perfect anecdote of this quote. Even though it was cold and chilly out there in the winter afternoon, there could always be the sensation of spring inside. So we wrapped ourselves in warm clothes, munched some chirpy churros and got lost for a few hours in the joyful stroll through this vibrant utopia.

What Was I Wearing?

Reserved Coat
H&M Beret Hat
Asos Breton Jumper
H&M Maternity Leggings
Zara Shoes & Bags (From previous seasons)


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