It had been the most wonderful season of the year!

Festivals and cultural traditions are one of our favourite things and we love sharing with you how we celebrate them!

Faith to each, feast to all – that is the master creed for us that is to feed – ourselves primarily, during all the major religious festivals that place throughout the year. UK being such a multiculturally diverse country, it’s a pure privilege to be able to participate in atleast the feasting part of the cultural and religious festivals that take place annually.

Be it the Hindu festival of Durga Puja and Diwali or the Islamic festival of Eid, whereas Christmas seems more like a social festival than a Christian one, leading up to the New Year. Being atheists at peace with ourselves, we do enjoy the liberty to turn every such festival to a feastival for ourselves where the tastebuds are Gods. Tanusree as usual ends up cooking an array of mouth-watering dishes all by herself and in exchange of diligent dishwashing later on, Shehzaad gets to voraciously consume the lion’s share of the delectable delights. What we did during last Christmas was no exception as we also had the presence of Shona, our baby bump, in our midst to bump up the merrymaking.

Christmas Jumper Day tradition:

December 14th in 2018 was also the Christmas Jumper Day where the annual ritual of wearing a festive jumper takes place with the intention to raise funds for Save the Children. We also jumped into the bandwagon of charity by donning a pair of Christmas jumpers ourselves to really feel immersed into the fun and frolic all around.

Our Christmas Eve/Christmas Day traditions:

Over the last few years, we have always been travelling during this time of the festive period. This year being different and special, as we wait in anticipation to welcome the arrival of our baby voyager between us, we spent some quality time during this Christmas cooking, baking, dancing with ‘shona’, playing our favourite board games including Scrabble, watching movies and going out for long walks.

  • We went for food shopping a couple days before Christmas to make sure we have all the ingredients to prepare, organise and spread a ”proper”Christmas lunch.
  • On Christmas Eve, Tanusree baked a cake while listening to Christmas tracks that come in the radio.
A simple chocolate ganache cake topped with chocolate balls, fresh berries and edible red roses
Christmas lunch
Christmas lunch spread:
Main course: Roasted Turkey with roasted potatoes, carrots, parsnips, shallots served with gravy reduced from turkey juice. Vegetarian pie with leek, nuts and dried cranberries stuffing served with leek and tomato gravy. Side dishes: Baked sage and onion balls and Yorkshire pudding. Chocolate ganache cake for desserts. Cranberry juice (non-alcoholic) as we are pregnant this year.

Christmas Lunch

  • On Christmas day morning, we got into our festive PJs, opened presents and after that ”big lunch”, we went for a walk in our neighbourhood.
  • On Christmas evening, we played our favourite board game Scrabble. Some of the keywords on the board (below) define highlights of the life we are passing.

Christmas Lunch

We ended this wonderful festive day on a sweet note by devouring a box of Baskin-Robbins ice-cream served with the chocolate ganache cake Tanusree baked.

Hoping you had a great Christmas with your loved ones!


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