Over the last few weeks, shopping has been tricky and at times frustrating. I wanted things I could wear now and through the end of my pregnancy, but also as investment pieces that will last longer and most importantly fit me come postpartum. The most sad part of shopping for your pregnant body is it lasts just a few months, so it seems counterintuitive to buy a whole new wardrobe for such a short period of time.  And while there are some maternity items that are essentials you’d be hard pressed to cheat your way around for 9 months of your pregnancy with items you already own – I’m talking about jeans, button down shirts, and pretty much anything that buttons or zips up without much stretch. However, once you start browsing, you realise that there is a surprising number of collections to be found in non-maternity clothing that works well for pregnant women without having to compromise your own style.

I’ve found Asos, H&M and Topshop have a curated selection of maternitywear and pieces that can be worn both during your pregnancy and afterwards. It’s a brilliant idea shop from the high-streets, and seems so much more practical to me than spending a fortune on clothes from high-end brands that you’ll only wear for a few months. In this post, I am sharing my second trimester style diary starting from 14 weeks to 28 weeks during which I have managed to fit my bump also known as ‘shona’ mostly in non-maternity pieces. Hope this helps to plan your pregnancy style better if you have just started this journey to motherhood or planning your future pregnancy.

Week 14

Animal Print Dresses

Animal prints were the must-have trends in last autumn. This Zara dress is not a maternity wear, I just ordered one size bigger than my pre-pregnancy size and it was perfect to camouflage my growing belly at the beginning of the second trimester. With its front open buttoned down style, you can also wear it as a duster coat paired with cropped denim, lace camisoles and a pair of sling back kitten heels as an evening wear during warmer months.

Week 15

Plaid Skirts

Another autumn’s biggest trends were plaid skirts and the best part about this Zara skirt is that I didn’t even have to wear a bigger size, I just wore my actual size but a little higher in the waist, just under the bust line, this way my growing bump wasn’t coming in the way.

Week 16

Empire Waist Dresses

In an early autumn afternoon last year, for a long walk with Beautographer in Regent’s Park, I wore this Zara heart print dress and it’s not at all a maternity dress. It has an empire waist, so it flows perfectly over the bump without being too billowy. I added a slim belt to it to create a define waistline.

Week 17

Printed Midi Dresses

Nothing beats having comfortable clothes to wear while pregnant. For some reason, easy-breezy printed dresses have been my go-to outfit since becoming pregnant. I have not bought a single maternity jeans as I knew they are of no use after the birth of the baby, moreover, I never find jeans comfortable enough. This Jaipuri print dress from H&M was just one size up and my 17 weeks bump fitted just perfect in it.

18 Weeks

Pleated Skirts In Scarf Prints

Scarf print pleated skirt from Zara paired with a trusted black top from the same high street retailer allowed my 18 weeks bump to breath while keeping the style quotient intact.

19 Weeks


There are taboos and unsolicited rules set by fashion policemen or women that lighter coloured fabrics reflect light more, therefore highlighting all parts of your body including the ones you would want to ideally hide! Therefore, choose darker colours that will help you in hiding the concerned areas, in this case, the baby bump! Now my first question is why would you like to hide the fact that you are in the most incredible journey to bring a new life into this world? Are you ashamed of your pregnancy? If not, celebrate this blossoming body. Wear all colors that you like to wear. I wore a white Chikankari saree on the 19th Week of this journey to motherhood for a Durga Puja look shoot. The pure georgette fabric of the saree was perfectly comfortable and breezy to walk around.

20 Weeks

Sheer & Fitted Dresses

It seems like an oxymoron, but the further you are in your pregnancy, the more flattering fitted items become. Oversized, flowy things make you feel like a tent, and can make you look much bigger than you actually are. I’m obsessed with this sheer midi dress  that I got from Asos– it’s so comfy over my belly, but I’ll also be able to wear it post-pregnancy, too since its not from the maternity wear collection. Double win! I also love how versatile these dresses are – I’ve worn here with high heels and party clutch during our Babymoon shoot in Venice , but it could just as easily be worn with a blazer and ballet flats for a more casual feel.

21 Weeks

Smart Outerwear (For Winter Pregnancy)

Since the beginning of colder months (from November last year), I started to layer my daily looks with smart outerwear, like this double breasted coat from M&S. Not only they bring a polish touch to my look of the day but also it keeps me warm.


22 Weeks

Maternity Leggings & Oversized Jumpers (For Winter Pregnancy)

An oversized jumper from Zara and a pair of maternity leggings worth £8.99 from H&M – thats all I needed to complete this look during the Halloween week. Accessorising my look of the day with stylish hats during winter months have become one of my signature style statements. Pregnancy didn’t change that!

23 Weeks

Wraparound Dresses

A stretchy polka dot wraparound dress is a pregnant woman’s best friend. Comfortable, easy to layer on and best part of it is not even a maternity wear. This H&M dress is a wardrobe must-have, pregnant or not!

24 Weeks

Patterned Sweaters

Sweaters have this amazing ability to stretch even if you buy your true to size. This patterned sweater I bought from H&M earlier in this winter is in my pre-pregnancy size and I could wear it comfortably being 24 weeks pregnant.

25 Weeks

 Skirts With Sheer Lace Details

Calf-length skirts with soft elastic waistband are not only comfortable to wear during pregnancy but also pretty easy to style with anything from a t-shirt to a woollen Christmas jumper which I just did here. This H&M skirt is no longer available online but there are plenty of other patterns and designs available. I ordered just one size up and it fitted me perfectly since they are elasticated.

26 Weeks

Non-maternity Party Dresses As Maternity Wear

By the time I was planning to shoot my Christmas and party season lookbook for 2018, my bump had grown so much that it was a real struggle to find stylish partywears from non-maternity sections. If I picked two sizes up, it becomes ill-fitted in the upper part of my body which didn’t change as drastically as the centre of my body since becoming pregnant but I couldn’t even wear my pre-pregnancy size as the bump would not fit anyhow. Thanks to this stretchy and sparkling sequined dress from Zara, I could be a party animal being 26 weeks pregnant and brought out the prima donna in me.

27 Weeks

Over-sized Double-breasted Coat

The best part about double-breasted coats are that they always have a lot of room for you to layer on. What is even better than that is an over-sized double-breasted coat especially when you are pregnant. Order one size up, it fits your bump perfectly even if you put the buttons down. Bonus!

28 Weeks

Maternity Party Dresses

For the most part it has been a sweet struggle to find trend-driven, comfortable outfits that fit my style and 7 months plus (then) bump but I’ve found a few maternity pieces that I love. This Asos dress is surely one of them. With so many events and parties to attend at the end of the year, this under £50 dress was just what I needed t to keep in mind that maternity style statements could still be made fashionably while being kind to your pocket.

Top tips: Pregnancy journey is a beautiful one, one may experience a few bumps along the way but in the end, I feel it is all worth it, at least thats what has been my experience of being 33 weeks pregnant so far. You may not know, but what you wear can also play an important part in how you feel during your pregnancy. That’s why it’s  important for me to document my pregnancy style diary and eventually share with you here the maternity style I have adapted for a more comfortable pregnancy.

The truth is, you don’t need to buy and spend a lot of money in buying clothes from maternity section that you would only wear while being pregnant. The only things I suggest you buy from maternity section are maternity leggings, jeans and underwear. We all have at least a pair or two comfortable shoes in our closet and a few maxi dresses which will be handy during pregnancy. From my own experience of this (1st) pregnancy so far, you should be able to wear clothes from non-maternity section until you are 30 or 31 weeks pregnant, just buy a size or two up depending how big or small you are carrying. Remember, every woman carries differently! This way, some of these clothing items you will be wearing long after your postpartum period. I know I can!

What do you guys think? Did you buy many maternity clothes when you were pregnant? Why not share your experience below!


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