Feeling low and undone in London? Especially so when the weather wreaks havoc with a worrisome combination of being wet, windy and wintery – all in the same day. A day like this is however perfect to get into yet another cosy, quaint café in arm’s length and that is what we did recently by spending some amicable moments in the beautiful Saint Aymes in Paddington.

Enjoy A Piece Of Cake At Saint Aymes

Enjoy A Piece Of Cake At Saint Aymes

“What is done in love is done well” – the mantra that runs through the magical décor, drinks and food of this gorgeous little café. Defying the usual wet and wintery afternoon in London, we went ahead to Saint Aymes anyways and found out that they also defied the weather by sitting pretty in pompous pink décor all around.

Enjoy A Piece Of Cake At Saint Aymes

This café was created with the central motto that beauty should exist in our daily experiences and it requires neither an occasion nor any justification. Therefore we simply allowed ourselves to settle down in the corner table next to the window which was surrounded by an abundance of pleasing plastic peony and hydrangea flower display. We tried to be simply in the moment, soaking in the fine details of subtle colour combination starting with golden cutleries to pink napkins.

Very few unique cafés in London (not the chains), actually serve tea and coffee which remain hot enough to enjoy slowly, most of it as we found were always somewhat lukewarm. But Saint Aymes provided us a much-needed warmth with its perfectly hot gold cappuccino. We also gave in to the temptation to try out their luscious red velvet cake and the sumptuous pink berry granola bowl.

A quick pause away from the hustle and bustle, a warm shelter away from the wet and wintery London, a gentle immersion into the classy décor all while sipping some finely brewed coffee or munching some snacks – that is what we got in our first ever visit to Saint Aymes and we are surely returning for more.

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