Can you believe the bump aka ‘shona’ is 34 weeks now. When we first found out that we are pregnant, 9 months seemed like such a long time (especially if you’re suffering through morning sickness in your first trimester like I did – pregnancy seems like it will last forever), but in reality it flies by. I’m now well into my third trimester, and I’ve made it this far without investing in very many maternity pieces. So often they’re just not chic, and you feel a bit of waste of your hard earned money buying something you’ll only wear for a month or two, especially when you realise how quickly your pregnancy actually goes by.

How To Shop For Maternity Wardrobe To Dress Up The Bump How To Shop For Maternity Wardrobe To Dress Up The Bump

I’ve mentioned a few of my go-to high-street brands for maternity clothes before on the blog and they are my favourite for a few reasons – not only do they have a really fashion-forward selection of clothing (which is honestly so refreshing for maternity wear), but they also curate items that don’t break your bank, so you feel like the purchase is totally worth it. I am sharing a few tips below on how to dress the bump and look stylish even during the heaviest phase of your pregnancy.

Tips On How To Shop For The Bump

1. Choose your fabric correctly! Look for details that turn non-maternity styles into bump-friendly pieces. Dresses and high-waist pencil skirts made out of stretchable fabrics will enhance growing bump while an elastic waist transforms polished trousers or A-line skirts into pieces that comfortably fit under or over your bump.

2. Embrace trends! Remember that pregnancy should not be a limitation to dressing in line with trends. Simply consider how to adapt a look for your belly. You can rock a crop top and a high-waisted skirt even when you are expecting. So, why not buy into the season’s suiting trend with a sleek double-breasted blazer – worn open.

3. Be experimental with colours and prints! An eye-catching design can create a clever optical illusion to conceal a bump (ideal for the first and third trimester). Opt for polka dots, animal prints, large floral or tropical prints and darker colours.

4. Go oversize! An A-line silhouette is universally flattering and perfect for expectant dressing. But it’s all about balance. Style loose-fit dresses with bare legs and highest heels you can wear.

5. Accessorise your look! At a time when your body is changing month by-month, accessories like stylish hats, jewelery, shoes and bags offer an easy way to tap into trends. Whatever your trimester, statement accessories can take a look from simple to standout, and you don’t have to worry about whether they will fit!

How To Shop For Maternity Wardrobe To Dress Up The Bump

So, while shopping during pregnancy, the rule of thumb to keep in mind is that, to look for pieces that you would wear even if you weren’t pregnant. Don’t change your personal style. Think of it as adapting your style to suit your shape, rather than completely altering what you wear. Just because you’re heavily pregnant doesn’t mean you have to wear nothing but oversized maxi dresses all the time! All it takes is some creativity. What are you wearing to stay stylish during pregnancy? Share in the comments below!

What Was I Wearing?

Newlook Dress
L K Bennet Shoes
Topshop Bag
H&M Hat
Debenhams Coat


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