Pregnancy is perhaps one of the most powerful and unique journey in a woman’s and in a couple’s life. The rollercoaster of emotions, ignorance, excitement, nervousness, happiness, anxiety, fear – all seem to rush through in unpredictable cycles. It would be simply too good an experience to let go without documenting and that is why keeping a pregnancy Journal also known as Bump journal is certainly an intelligent idea.

There are many advantages of keeping a Bump Journal during pregnancy and keeping track of details is one of them. So many things happen during the three trimesters – starting from physical changes to emotional mood-swings, from crazy cravings to midwives on call, from the fun of scans to the fear or scars, its all part of the pregnancy package. Unless you keep a pregnancy Journal, its only natural that in this deluge of details, you may lose track of the small juicy bits of facts and feelings which will taste so much better afterwards while reading.

Writing is also therapeutic, away from the keyboard and mouse clicks, finding some time to actually write with my own hands the highlights of the current week of pregnancy simply allowed me to channel out myself easily. All my unknown fears, unanswered questions to ask the midwife, my hopes, aspirations about my new born and simply how I am feeling during a particular week – writing it down with my own hands really guided me through a journey of self-relief and reflection.

Keeping a Bump diary or Pregnancy Journal is like an investment for my child when it will grow up big enough to be able to read and understand the ‘behind the scenes’ emotions and events that led up to his/her celebrated birth. I want to be able to read back my own pregnancy Journal 5-10-20 years from now and relish this beautiful power that my body possesses, and I am sure my child will be enthralled to read the account of event and emotions that led up to its being born into this wonderful world.

Bump Journals, keeping one, writing in it are not only exclusive to would-be mothers because it takes two to tango, so fathers have all the same chance to pen down their dreams, details and drudgeries around pregnancy. Other than me writing regularly in the Bump Journal highlights of my journey through pregnancy, Beautographer also jots down dates and details in our pregnancy Journal when we opened an email address, got a domain name secured for our child’s future website, got the first brand sponsorship project for our unborn child for example.

The journey of pregnancy is perhaps one of the most intriguing one in life, where 40 weeks or so of leading up to the destination of birth are full of sweet little details and dreams which are worth recording with your own hand writing in a Bump Journal. I am still writing to fill up the last few pages of week 34 through to week 40. What about you?


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