One of the items that works like a lifebuoy during traversing the turbulent waters of labour and child birth is a list of birth affirmations. I am hoping that while fear and anxiety will cloud my entire existence to withstand the pangs of the pain of labour, carefully chosen statements of positivity, courage and confidence will guide me through the monumental experience of child birth. This is what Birth Affirmation is all about and in this post I am going to share with you the words I have chosen to give me the strength to reach to my trophy – the birth of my child.
A Birth Affirmation is basically a list of positive statements of encouragement and motivation. Feel free to write them yourself or feel inspired from the ones written by others. You can either type them in your computer and print them out or simply write them with your own hands. The plan is to have these affirmations kept in sight while I will be going through the phases of labour. I have prepared my own, framed it and currently its hanging over the cot bed of our child who is due in a few weeks. This will work as a daily positive reminder and motivator for my mind and body as we approach the day of labour and birthing in a few weeks.
If your mind can perceive it and if your heart can believe it, then you can surely achieve it – the birth affirmations are just another way to keep reinforcing the self-confidence and courage to sail through the painful oscillations of this unique experience in a woman’s life. So here are my Birth Affirmations which will be my source of inspiration and assurance.
1.                    I can do this
2.                    Just keep breathing
3.                    I’m built for birth. I’ve got this.
4.                    One contraction at a time
5.                    Breathe to my baby
6.                    With each wave brings me closer to my baby
7.                    I accept this pain to welcome my baby into this world
8.                    The more I relax the more my body softens and expands
9.                    I have faith in my body and its ability to give birth to my baby
10.                I am doing a fantastic job
11.                This day will bring me great joy
12.                My body opens, my mind quietens, my baby descends
Birth Affirmation
Surely having these Birth Affirmations are not meant to replace the need to have all the support I would need from my birth partner (the father of the child) and from my midwives and caregivers while I will be going through labour, but its only natural to be pulling out all the stops during this life-changing episode in my life. Leave a comment below to share if you had any Birth Affirmations when you gave birth or do you intend to have one for your future pregnancy? There is power in words in black and white, especially when they are out of your mind and on a piece of paper right in front of your eyes. A Birth Affirmation is just that.

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