What’s your knot? That’s the neon-lighted question you are faced with the moment you enter into the newest Churros bar in LondonThe Knot Churros. This place was high in our ‘places to try out in London’  as soon as it was inaugurated and defying the snowy, wet and windy afternoon, we found our way to this little place of utopian drink and dip delights.

Knot ChurrosKnot Churros

While we waited patiently to be seated by the welcoming staff, we got our introductory Instagram shot on the swing just below their slogan “What’s your knot?”. Possibly it’s a customary thing to do the moment you enter the premises to announce to your followers and friends that “Been there, done that”.

The hand-crafted churro specialists gave us the options to choose from Classic Cinnamon Churros, Dipped Cinnamon Churros, Glazed Churros and Chilled Churros. Spoilt for choices, we simply settled for a Classic Churro Deli Box which was served with 10 classic Churros served in Deli box with 2 dipping sauces and those Belgian Chocolate and White Belgian Chocolate.

Impressed with the variety of Churros, catchy names and the glamour and glitter of pink pearls, unicorn sprinkles, rainbow stares, purple midnight sprinkles, chocolate flakes and even the option to couple Churros with icecreams – we thought to start slow by sticking with the classic ones. However, if you are keen to get your Instagram feed buzzing with some splash of sugar and colour, then you must try out any of the fancy Churros from the menu as mentioned above. Have a look at their menu here.

Knot Churros Knot Churros

We also got some spiced chai latte which was oozing aroma of whole spices, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, liquorice root, jasmine blossoms and rose petals! Next time we would love to try out their candyfloss latte to take some happy clicks for our Instagram feed.

Be mindful of other enthusiastic Instagrammers who may be in the queue, so as soon as you finish taking your photos and feel charged up after devouring some Churros, make way for others to enjoy the experience too and let them find out what their knot is!

What Was I Wearing?

Newlook Faux-fur Coat/ Asos Beanie/ H&M Mama Leggings/ Hunter Boots/ Zara Grey Jumper


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