It’s usually around this time of winter where I start growing slightly dull of winter wardrobe and am making any excuse to bring out something that screams spring. It’s a bit of a tricky fashion game I play with the weather and my resistance to cold because let’s face it, we won’t actually be seeing the freshness of spring and a rise in temperature for another month or so – but I can’t help it. At the same time, I’ve definitely learned my lesson of wearing spring items too early during the London winters, only to completely freeze my tush off moments after I step out of the house. Not recommended!

Winter Meets Spring Look Winter Meets Spring Look

To meet in the middle of winter and my craving for spring, I tend to rely on colour, fabric and patterns to lighten things up. And this winter meets springs mood is all about one very sunny disposition by way of mixing woollens and linens. I adore that a camel coloured sweater mixes well with so many  different pieces of clothings like this patterned skirt in navy blue but has a welcoming way to it. Bottom line is, even in the harshest days of winter it brings warmth to a wardrobe, even when the temperatures don’t. Then by the end of March, it’s a look that transitions beautifully into the first blooms of the new season, and all the vibes that come with it!

Winter Meets Spring Look Winter Meets Spring Look Winter Meets Spring Look

From oversized V-neck sweaters like the ones you can wrap yourself in during the colder months to more spring-friendly-pieces like an asymmetric skirt that you can save for the seasonal shift, it’s time we start thinking more of creating spring looks. Don’t miss the accessories that can transition between seasons, either, like a pair of tasselled earrings or a faux-fur stole.

What Was I Wearing?

H&M Sweater & Skirt
Aldo Bag
Shoe Embassy Shoes
Zara Faux-fur Stole
Miu Miu Sunnies
H&M Earrings


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