Pregnancy is perhaps the most unique transformational experience in a woman’s life. Surely whether or not to have children should purely be a couple’s and more importantly a woman’s choice because purpose of a woman’s life can still be achieved without the pregnancy route. For those who have indeed decided to transit down this path of pregnancy, the changes that take place on the body and mind are simply remarkable and worthy of celebration of the power of a woman’s body.
Pregnancy Body Transformation
Having experienced this maiden journey myself recently, I thought its worth sharing with you the transition from one state to another, week after week. The baby bump grew as the dates flipped pages and some weeks were bumpy while some were smooth as silk. Like a rollercoaster ride, emotions fluctuated but I held onto the positivity this experience called for. Being on cloud nine after nine months, week by week, it was a perfect opportunity to look back on this wonderful transformation.


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